Sold -slave

The wind blew hard the waves rocked against the boat. Being sold as a slave was not how I wanted to spend my life、 but after the rue of Talic Carson of Teyasuner

(A small country in South America) in 1803 the world had changed in some parts reverted back to the old ways when people "with out a future" were sold as slaves along with orphans and other lower class people.

"Land ho!"

I whipped my head around; sure enough the big mass of island that used to be Elis island was now crumbled and broken but still there. We were pushed into a line then lined up so the upper class could devour us like ravens eating bread.

Before I knew it was being pulled towards the edge of the stage and the people where discussing me and pointing, speaking in a language I couldn't understand. It scared me a bit to know that I probably wouldn't know what to do. When I was handed over to the man his language went back to English.

"What's your name?" he stared absent mindedly in front of him.

"Arima" I answered so low I didn't think he could hear me. He nodded then pulled me off in the direction of the docks. He turned towards me a smirked at the look at my face

"I am a pirate" I looked shocked

"Why did you buy a slave? wouldn't it be easier for you to get caught if I get taken. He turned and within second was in my face

"Oh but you wont tell anyone will you?" he growled out and I flinched away from him

"No" I whispered back.

"Good" he then turned and walked towards a ship that had to be one of the biggest in port.

The sails were tattered and an off white color, clearly from years of use.

"here she is the Mariea Ann Cortez I looked up at the ship that was going to be my new home I felt a little nervous what was I going to be doing on this ship I didn't even know why someone like the man in front of me would buy a slave.

"Captain Lamport" the mans head turned to one of the men sanding on the deck looking down at him

"We are ready to leave whenever you are" he yelled down before turning and disappearing on deck.

"You might want to say goodbye to this land now this might be the last time you see it "he said with a laugh then tugged me aboard the Cortez by the rope that bound my hand together. I squeaked at the sudden pull forward then followed him onto the ship. As I had suspected it was full of large men most of which were scary

"Oh look at the little girl" one of them called causing me to flinch.

"Hey boss how old is she?" one of the others called, he shrugged then untied my hands and "threw me to the dogs" before going up and taking us out of port.

A few hours later I was standing on deck looking at the ocean while everyone one else including the captain was feasting below the decks.

"beautiful isn't it" I turned around and I was looking at a man with back hair and sea green eyes.

'why yes very much so" I said with a smile. He smirked then his face twisted into a confused look

"Why aren't you down stairs eating with everyone one else?" he asked stepping closer to lean on the railing like I had been.

"I wasn't aware I was allowed to eat" I stated the man broke out into laughter

"What? the captain didn't seem to be that type of person to be incredibly happy to share food." I stated glaring at him. He continued laughing.

"of all the things my brother is, cruel is not one of them" he said

"He….WAIT WHAT HE'S YOUR BROTHER?!" this caused him to start laughing again.

"So are you the younger one you seem like it" he abruptly stopped laughing

"I am 23 for your information."

"Wow you old" I stated

"HEY!" I busted out laughing

"If your 3 err I mean 23" I smirked at the look on his face

"Then how old is you brother?"

"Kadien's 18" he said

"So that's his name…"

"Yeah" I looked at him and realized how similar they looked the same black hair tall thin slightly muscular the only difference was the eyes Kadien's were sky blue while this mans were sea green.

"What's your name?" I asked him.

"Coincidentally it's Aidan" he stated

"Wow I can definitely tell you guys are brothers." I laughed he glared then laughed as well.

"Sharing family secrets are we now?" Aidan and I turned and were facing Kadein.

"of course not captain Lamport" Aidan stated straightening his posture.

"good now leave." before Kadein could finish Aidan had already taken off.

His black haired was tied back in a thin leather strap and it hung loosely over his shoulder

I looked up at him

"So why am I here?"

"That's for me to know and you to find out" he smirked as I stared at him in confusion Kadein quickly turned around retreating to the captains quarters.


Cafana989: wow Guys I am sooo sorry at 1.) how long this took me and 2.) how horribly written it was I fixed a lot so I hope its better this time