Chapter 3


Arima looked at the man in shock when he randomly said that.

"I think you have a mistake, I am slav-er I mean I work on a ship and have for a long while so I don't see how I could be this Alexis girl." Arima rambled on trying to loose the guard's interest.

The guard didn't look like they believed it, at that moment Arima hadn't noticed the other man behind the first guard who looked at her with interest she felt like hyperventilation under the two guard's intense stares.

Suddenly a tall man walked up and put his arm around Arima,

"I am sorry gentlemen she seems to be telling the truth since she has been working for me" The lies came easily out of Kadien's mouth.

"Really?" the guards looked at Arima who just nodded, the two guards looked as if they didn't believe him and with good reason too they could tell he was a pirate all though he was dressed fancy and was clean cut he had a arrogant air about him.

Finally without questioning them further the guards gave up and left or that's how it would appear, they actually went to the dock and were preparing a ship to follow Arima's "boss"

"Well that was fun" Kadein stated with a smirk.

"Shut up" Arima said he was annoying her.

"Oh touchy today aren't we?" He stated with a smirk and squeezed her behind.

Arima squealed and slapped him across the face as a reflex. The look that crossed Kadien's face was deadly and for a second Arima considered taking off and running into a crowd of people so she wouldn't get hurt. The suddenly Kadein burst out laughing leaving Arima very confused.

"What?" was all she could say as the mans laughed spread echoing off the houses even in the crowded street.

"I probably deserved that no?" He laughed.

"I mean your second day on the ship and you have the misfortune of meeting candy, or was it cherry?..maybe amber?" Kadein stroked his smooth chin in though think about how many women he had actually slept with.\

For some reason the longer Kadein had to think about it the more Arima got angry, she didn't know why but she just felt so angry and she wanted nothing more than to slap him again thankfully before she could act on her plan Aidan strolled up with a big smile on his face.

"Hello" he commented.

Kadein snapped out of his musings.

"Hello brother" he replied and the two suddenly switched languages leaving Arima feeling very left out and before she knew it the pair were gawking at women and telling Arima to run along to the ship because they had some "Business" to attend to.

Arima did follow their directions to a point she did leave however she went to a small book store she had found, Arima didn't know how she could read but she knew as long as she could remember she could,

Arima walked into an old book store run by an elderly woman.

"Hello deary feel free to look around" the old woman told her , a friendly smile was plastered on the woman's face, he kindness made Arima smile for the first time she could remember in a while.

Arima skimmed the rows of books until a particularly old one caught her attention she opened it and she thought it was strange it was talking about the Saecrest royal family.

Arima found a wooden stool in the corner and sat upon it her hands running over the pages Arima felt drawn to this book she opened the book and looked down to a picture of a young girl 9 or 10 in a what appeared to be white dress but she couldn't tell because the picture was in black and white she had dark curly hair and Arima was shocked at how close the looked across from the picture was what shocked Arima.

" princess Alexis Arima Saecrest, daughter of King Darmin Theus Saecrest and Cordilia Maris Saecrest"

This shocked Arima because she always felt or more or less knew Arima was a nick name, but she could remember anything.

Pain shot through her head and Arima gripped her head.

'But Emanuel I don't want to leave' the brown haired girl Arima immediately recognized as herself.

'You have to princess' a tall man with a powdered wig urged Arima into a boat. He took frequent glances behind him at the castle before finishing getting the boat ready to leave. Arima didn't say anything suddenly out of no where men attacked the man 'EMANUAL!' Arima shrieked Emanuel fought off the men long enough to get over to her and then shove her boat off out of the reach of the attacking men she fell back and hit her head and her world went black.