The sun sinks low at the end of Day,

Drawing back his safe, warm light.

The world glows faintly in his dying rays

Giving way to mysterious night.

Sweet Night sweeps in on silent wings,

As darkness blankets all around.

And in the stillness black Night brings,

Silence smothers all other sounds.

The Moon ascends to claim her throne

And stars wink down at those below,

As silhouettes are vaguely shown

Outlined by a silver glow.

The daytime beasts lay down to rest,

As Sleep pulls gently closed their eyes.

And with sweet dreams, the night is blessed,

As the nightingale sings his lullabies.

And in the darkness, there is peace;

Chaos gives way to the calm of Night.

The commotions of the daytime cease

Until the next hints of Apollo's light.