Pixies and Clotted Cream

Poems are very hard to write

But if the rhythm doesn't work, at least there's a possibility that the rhyming might.

However, if that works, then I don't have a chance

With the subject – I just seem to ramble on about subjects with no relevance

To the title of the poem, I must admit, and

Even if I manage to drag my thought back to the original subject I can't understand

Why I wanted to write about it in the first place

Since it seems overly sentimental and not my kind of thing to write about at all. Nevertheless, I will gallantly attempt to finish this poem in the hope that someone manages to read it aloud without running out of breath while they read the last line because I bet your face is red by now. Anyway, I'd better finish this poem before I run out of space

On the page.

And now the last line doesn't rhyme and I am filled with anger.