My Flower

A gentle flower sits alone,

So delicate and lost.

I feel a need to ease her pain

No matter what the cost—

To raise my finger to her cheek

And wipe away her tears—

To place myself beside her

And fight away her fears.

I want to wrap her in my arms

And hold her to me tight.

I want to tell her it's okay,

That everything's alright.

Nothing here will do her harm,

No one here will hurt her

I'll stay always by her side

And never will desert her.

I cannot bear to see her there,

Lovely even in her grief.

For one so innocent and fair

Such sorrow should be brief.

Those gentle eyes of shocking blue

Should always shine with light.

Her voice should ring with laughter

And her warm smile be bright.

And yet this angel bows her head

Into her hands and cries.

Her fair features dampened by the tears

That flow freely from her eyes.

Her golden hair falls as a curtain

To shield her from the world.

I yearn to cradle her to my chest

And stroke those gentle curls.

Slowly, I reach out a hand

And clasp hers in my own.

In this way, I let her know

That she is not alone.