I felt as though my soul was taken

And from this nightmare, could not awaken,

Could not escape the screeching voices,

Haunting me with my past choices

Replaying over in my head

All the words that I had said

Images of what I'd done

Flying at me one by one

Tearing at my heart and mind

Searing my eyes 'till I am blind

Every weakness laid before me

To be read as though a story—

The untold story of my life

Riddled with despair and strife

With mistakes and wrong decisions

My head was plagued with horrid visions

Envisioning the monster in myself

Burning in relentless Hell

With no respite and no reprieve

And with a pain naught could relieve

Buried in the endless guilt

Inside a prison I have built

The knowledge I'm but self-convicted—

That all this pain is self-inflicted—

Does not help to ease the pain,

Heal regret, or erase shame

The images continue flying

Until I feel I'm slowly dying

And at this moment I am sure

I'll be trapped in Hell forevermore