she screams harmony softly,
they always fashion her to be shimmered beauty,
the almost ready canvas, and her psychedelic pieces
absorb everything around her, just like her strawberry
flavored cigarettes suck up the breath from her waiting
I am an abstract,
an impression,
a metaphor
for your imagination.

So I guess this is my introduction to my pillowbook. I'll probably write another one and replace that poem up above…anyway. I go by Sapphire on here, but my real name is Steph. Well, it's Stephanie, but most people just leave off the anie…ya know? I like it better though, it sounds so formal sometimes.

Guess my age. Guess where I live. Maybe I'll tell you after a couple of chapters.

-this right here would be where I would explain myself, my hobbies, characteristics, and all of that bullshit,-

but I figure you guys will get the picture with every chapter. A compilation of poems, memories, notes, and letters. Damn, this is going to be interesting.

Hope you like.


I sound sort of...bitchy. Sorry! I'm actually a really nice person. Promise. Moving right reviews? (: