Never Remember Me

When you go away as I know you will
Because I know you must be free
Even though I might love you still
Promise you'll never remember me.

Forget the days that we were together
Let them escape far from your mind
Turn your sight instead to forever
And remember to leave me behind.

A burden I don't want to be
I won't be the chain holding you down
If you promise never to remember me
I'll leave without a sound.

I'll close my eyes and walk away
If that's what it will have to take
Even if I won't want to see another day
Or all my smiles I'll have to fake.

I cannot stand to see you bleeding
I can't bear to watch you cry
I wish I were deaf when you are pleading...
I would rather see you fly...

So fly away, please fly away fast
And please don't ever dare to look back
Make this day with me your last...
Please never remember that I you lack.

I hope that you will look to the day
And see the future that tomorrow brings.
I pray that things finally go your way
And that you forget I once was anything.

All these feelings, I'll push them deep
Within the confines of my soul
My love will be a secret I'll have to keep
Because with me, you are not whole.

So run away, just run away
Finally let yourself be free.
With me make this your final day
And promise to never remember me.