Angel of Death

"Who are you?" I questioned

As I slowly backed away.

"Aw, don't be scared," he murmured

"I only came to play."

And with that he took a step

Bringing himself into the light.

At that moment I was faced

With a disconcerting sight.

He was beautiful, an angel.

I stumbled back in awe.

I can hardly describe in words

Exactly what I saw:

Features sharp and perfect

His posture tall and straight

His pose relaxed but elegant

And not a hair was out of place.

His skin was white like ivory,

His eyes a burning red.

"This creature can't be human,"

Said a voice inside my head.

But now I was entranced

And I could not look away.

My mind could not remember

Words I'd been about to say.

A cunning smile graced his lips,

Long fangs sliding into view.

And my mind seemed to realize

What I knew could not be true.

This was no mortal being

Standing here in front of me.

But he also was no angel

As he first appeared to be.

This creature was a monster—

The revelation left me stunned.

Adrenalin coursed through my veins

Telling me to run.

But I knew I could not make it,

I never would survive.

I simply was no match for him,

I knew that I would die.

The demon sauntered closer

Until we were face to face.

I couldn't help but notice

He moved with a dancer's grace.

"Don't be afraid," he whispered,

Reaching out a hand.

The room began to spin,

And I could hardly stand.

Then I felt two strong arms

Catch me before I fell.

When I realized whose they were,

I let out a strangled yell.

"Hush," he soothed, "Hush, darling,

This will not hurt a bit.

Just let yourself relax."

And surprisingly I did.

Though I knew the end was coming,

My death was drawing near,

A strange calm and peaceful feeling

Began to numb my fears.

"That's it," his voice encouraged.

"Let me take away your pain.

Forget about those troubles

You'll never have to face again."

The words were calm and soothing,

And he gazed into my eyes.

At that moment I did not care

If I lived or if I died.

"Goodnight, my pretty one. Sleep well,"

He breathed, granting me a kiss.

Then his lips slid down my neck,

And I was lost in bliss.