I feel the darkness creeping,

Creeping slowly through my mind.

And I am searching, I am searching

For the light I cannot find.


I wonder as I wander

Why I search relentlessly.

But I can't seem to remember,

Still I wander endlessly.


Am I going 'round in circles?

My body's growing weak.

I want to call for help,

But I find I cannot speak.


It seems my tongue is missing—

My lips sewn tightly shut,

My lungs devoid of air,

My vocal chords are cut.


And so I make no sound

Although I try and try.

I struggle and I struggle

Until the question come up—why?


Why should I keep on running?

What good would calling do?

I'm alone here in this darkness,

Somehow I know that this is true.


Though a distant thought still plagues my mind,

A voice that urged me on.

There once was a reason left to struggle,

But that reason now is gone.


I begin to slow my running,

My pace decreases step by step.

My panic doing likewise

Until there's only numbness left.


I feel nothing all around me

And nothingness within,

Nothing pulling at my mind,

And I find I'm giving in.


I float in the abyss

With no ground beneath my feet.

The darkness reaches toward me

And I drift gently into sleep.