To question the old questions—

The inclination of Man's soul:

How many hold pure virtue,

And how many have been sold?


Does the Devil walk among us,

Unseen and in disguise,

Tempting and seducing,

Spreading heresy and lies?


How many friends are really foes?

How many saints are sinners?

How many fly on Sabbath Eve

To Devil's dance and dinners?


And that man you see by day,

Is he the same at night?

Can the mouth that murmurs prayers

Also shriek satanic rites?


How long is it before you, too,

Fall under this dark spell?

Is there no hope for Christian souls

To escape the flames of Hell?


To those of you who ask these questions,

Here, I offer my advice:

Before you seek to find the answers,

Consider first their price.


Do not look at souls around you

And wonder where they fall;

For to live your life afraid of evil

Is to never live at all.