Another poem! Thanks Aiden Payne for the great advice! Hope you like it!

You have always been there for me,

Tough times, sad times, any time, really.

We used to hang out everyday,

Remember when we would hang out at the bay?

We were splashing each other, having fun,

But then you drowned, and you were done.

I have no words to describe how I feel,

I just don't know how to deal.

I've been crying all night,

It was all a big fright.

Like starlight in darkened sky, you were there,

Goes to show life just isn't fair.

Your last words were that you were the best,

Now there is a fire, burning in my chest.

Now I have free time to spend,

Because I have lost my best friend.

Hope you liked it! I am really starting to loved poems!