Note: This is a a collaboration with my dear friend, Alix. The title comes from the song, "Candle" by The White Tie Affair.

Seven nights I have laid to waste

A heart beat in the dark.
Trees to shed their leaves.
Loveless goodbyes only pronounced-
By lustful hellos.
Try to keep up as the key turns.
Faking the fate that was intended to be,
Will only lead you back to the beginning.

The beginning was where it was best
The fate that's coming is too much for me
Cold days in August and warm windy days
Hit me like a truck down I95
Hit me like your words do
When your tone turns and you're back to her
Sunrises and sunsets look different to me now

It'll be the whisper in the night.
Turn it around; it's gone before-
The middle had a chance.
A road to carry you down.
With leaves scattered thick and through.
Step on them with a crunch.
A crunch of last year.
The cold days in August to stretch-
To warm days in December.
Hands that hold the time,
Ears that know the praises sung.
Remember. Remember. Remember.

Time can't be held
Yet we clutch and clutch and clutch
To the moments and the memories
The glances
The smiles
But mostly the sadness
A journey or a path
Sun shifting through the leaves
The lead in your own story
The nebula in your own parasitical mass
Don't you forget
Don't you forget that you're all that matters

A hand to hold yours.
The break of day to lift-
Views you held onto for so long.
Passerby of ribbons coat and protect.
Frost in the dews of midday break;
Dead leaves slide over the ground,
Slowly being coated.
The door to open to you as a hello is uttered.
Sharing the embrace of once forgotten,
It's easier now that you're back.
As a sunny March shines on us all.