Last night I had a nightmare.
You lay on the floor
So vulnerable,
So weak,
I towered over you like King Kong
And stomped on your face.
And as your blood sloshed onto the floor
And your shattered bones went with it
I woke up to your bloodcurdling screams
Which were actually my screams
And lay in bed terrified of what I had just done.

You may be a brat
An evil little girl
My own personal demon
Sent to kill my every hope
A stupid little bitch
With fat rolls that look like shark-bite
That you shove into unbearably tight clothes
And walk around with that god-awful smirk
Etched across your chubby face
That I just want to throttle and kick
And smack to oblivion but
I still love you.

And though I may want to hurt you
Beat you
Rip you to shreds
I don't really want to do that
But I do.
And I don't.
Then I do.
All the bruises you bear because of me
Hurt me as much as I hurt you.
I'm sorry for what I do
But then again,
You deserve every injury you get
You stupid, evil little demon-

My darling.
Why don't you come give me a hug?
Let's just make up and forget all this.
Just start over and pretend this never happened.
Let me hug you and kiss you
And choke you and beat you
And send you to Hell with all the other demon children
That were just too evil to stay here on earth and

I love you.