Together, ensemble, she says:
grayscale, Hollywood,
smoke, chafing Her index finger
like the dissolve of Breath
before a waning.

We are: darling, and you are
and each night,
you Suck a moan
from beneath my chin.

A flesh plug, my qualms,
tucked Silent between
my legs, your lips, and Stifling the
Smell of peach schnapps
still hot, and riding the coattails
of your words.

I smolder.

You nibble my ear,
my ankles unhinge,
and you Play my being
that violin you used to Love.

But I know nothing,
skin suit, all fours,
fucked-lovely Lotus,
for you
with you
and you

et toi?

You drain your Dreams
with prudent Pause,
Hands slipping,
Sweaty, up my chest, across
my neck, to fit into Mine.

You hold me back;
I sweat Between lash, salt
and water
to let you know
how much I Crave

and you

et toi?