A/N: I wrote this after meeting a woman in my church whose story broke my heart…I just hope that she finds peace one day.

Look through the windows of my soul,

See into my darkest night.

It's been so long since I've seen light,

And please, God, please, make me whole.

As I think of it, the tears flow free,

The pain that I fear all can see,

The painful rending of a young, lovesick heart…

O God, don't you remember way back at the start?

I was so in love, and it all fell apart.

But even so, I had hope back then,

Little did I know it would lead me to sin…

And the pain screams out from my flesh and my bones,

It runs deep within my blood

My heart's in shatters, and he left me alone…

Oh, why did I have to trust? He only left me with one little gift to keep,

And when she opens her eyes and looks at me,

I swear that You gave me a reason to live,

So I give her all my love; I promise that she will always have my love.

All these years, and she still looks at me,

With a smile on her lips, but tears in her eyes.

She knows what's been, and she sees what is.

Oh, God, what do I do with this girl?

I try, and I try, but I can't seem to move past it all.

And I know she sees, by the looks she gives me,

And she's known pain all her own, and her heartbreak's just so deep,

Not just for her, but for me.

Oh, give me the strength to trust,

I'm broken, and it's just too hard to get up.

I want to be more than I know I am,

But the lock is broken, and I'm missing the key…

Oh, please, let me hear You say,

"It's going to be all right, for this is only the night.

And just wait until the day comes and you see the light.

It will be so beautiful, you won't be able to fight

The joy that fills up your heart; for this is only the night.

And as for the girl, leave her to me…

I've got plans, just wait and see.

Give me your heart, and I will show you the way,

I'll heal your heart again; one day it won't hurt so much.

I want nothing for you but good, so trust me again and let me come in,

I'll pick up the pieces and make everything so sweet.

Daughter, give me your heart."

And as I look into the windows of my own soul,

I see the pain staring out at me…

And I finally just bend my knee.

The time for tears is past,

I know Your joy forever lasts.