When the door slammed behind him, she knew that it was over. He had never gone back on a decision, and she knew that he wouldn't now. Even if it meant that her heart would be torn asunder. But that hardly mattered. After everything that they both had said, it was simply too late…

But still…her heart was foolish, she decided then and there. And yet, she ran to the window anyways. She had always loved nature's sense of irony, for the darkening gray sky mirrored the sheer darkness descending upon her soul. The air was potent, both inside her home and out…and yet, none of it mattered now. The only thing that mattered now was that his broad-shouldered frame was stalking away from her, for good, she knew. Touching the cool window, her hands began to shake, followed soon enough by her knees. Her entire world was walking away, and she could only watch him go.

When he reached his car, he glared up at her window, his eyes dark with rage. It was then her heart realized that he would truly never come back. The gaze lasted less than a moment, but the damage it left on her heart would last for a lifetime, she knew. If only she could go back…but no, it was honestly too late now, for he was gone.

It was only then that the sky opened up, releasing the sparkling diamonds of heaven's sadness. And the tears in her eyes, although not nearly so beautiful, she knew, followed suit only moments later. And as she sank down to the floor, sobbing, she felt her heart sinking into the empty sea of despair.