She supposed that she shouldn't have been surprised. After all, he had always been ridiculously handsome. And yet, the shock of seeing him with another girl had bruised her heart in ways she had never imagined. So much for being over him, she decided. After diving into a convenient bookstore for cover (and tackling her over-defensive friend to the floor), she had managed to make a semi-decent getaway, she had thought. At least until she had felt his eyes on her as he and the girl passed the store. Ah, dignity, it always passed her by somehow.

After she had convinced her friend that she was fine and just needed some time to recoup, she had said her goodbyes and slunk home. She had thought that she would be fine when she simply got home. And yet, when she walked in the door, the memories had been there to greet her. She could still see them on the couch, his eyes sparkling in amusement when she would trip just trying to get up after he kissed her. And the times that they had spent out on her balcony never ceased to be with her. Besides, the place simply felt like he had…safe, warm, intoxicating.

Sighing to herself, she decided to take an aspirin and go to bed. But even after she was reasonably safe and warm in bed, she couldn't make her mind quiet and slumber. Always it would return to the ridiculous look of joy on the other girl's face, the sparkle of her eyes when he spoke, or, worse yet, the adoring gaze he regarded her with. Oh, she could remember the times it was her…all the times that she had looked into his eyes and wondered how in the world she had finally caught him. He had been everything, and now he belonged to another.

When she felt her eyes begin to tear, she slammed a fist against her pillow and uttered a silent sob. Why would it not stop? She had said stupid things, but why did she have to pay in this manner? Oh, what she would give if only…but it would never be the same. He would never come back, and her heart would never be happy again. And it was then, as she sank into darkness, warm tears streaming down the face he had once kissed, that she felt her heart begin to die.