The elder male knelt upon the ground at the younger's side, brow furrowing as he took in his companion's condition.

Pale hair fell limply into glazed and unfocused eyes, and his skin had taken on an unhealthy, grayish tint. The youth's breathing was uneven, shallow. As the older frowned and felt for a pulse, he found it rapid and weak.

And yet, there was no sign of injury, and how could there be? There was no life save the two of them in this lonely, isolated place, this private hell to which they had confined themselves for a myriad of reasons. The younger could not be ill; their kind did not suffer from such trivial matters as the mortals of the outside world did.

What, then, could be causing this condition in the boy?

The elder male frowned, leaning in closer to hear the words tumbling from the barely-moving lips of the other, straining to catch the faint, slurred mumbles.

"…I wanna go home…"

Blinking, the elder pulled back, confused. This was their home, was it not? Though he had sealed it off from contact with the outside world, this was where they belonged, this was their home. What did the youth mean?

The younger boy sighed, eyes closing as he slumped over, unconscious, before the elder could question him. The older boy grabbed him, eyes widening slightly in alarm, holding him up.

Laying the boy upon the ground, the elder pressed his hand to the younger's forehead, pulling back with another frown. His skin was cold and clammy. The younger shivered slightly, and the elder found himself wishing he had something he could give to the younger to provide him with more warmth.

Frowning again, the elder boy ran his hand through the damp, pale hair of the younger, murmuring soft words of reassurance as the other drifted into a troubled sleep. He hated this feeling of helplessness, unable to do anything to ease the suffering of his companion. Wondering, once again, what could be the cause of this condition? The younger had been on the decline, yes, now that he thought on the past few weeks.

He had taken to sleeping more often than was natural, than was right. The times he had spent awake, he had spent staring off into space, a distant look in his once-bright eyes; eyes that had since become as listless as his body, as his personality.

The elder boy frowned once more, wondering if he could have prevented this, somehow, but sighed in frustration as he realized that asking such a question now was useless—unless he knew the cause of the condition, he could not even begin to attempt to alleviate it.

The younger boy stirred, dulled eyes opening, staring blankly up at the male above him. He blinked, trying to force his gaze to focus, and was able to bring the older boy into somewhat clearer focus, though he wasn't able to make his eyes work as well as he would have liked. He shivered again, this time whimpering slightly.


He closed his eyes, whimpering again at the dull ache that was pulsing somewhere inside him, that was spreading pain to the rest of his body. As he became more aware of it, the pain intensified, becoming a searing agony that was not just physical.

"I wanna go home…"

The elder male lifted the youth into his arms, holding him protectively, unsure what else to do to ease his companion's suffering.

"What do you mean?"

The younger shifted slightly, bringing one hand up to rest over the heart of the other.

"I wanna go home… Please…"

Blinking, the older tightened his grip, slowly beginning to understand the other male's words. He frowned once more.

"But… You'll disappear… I… I don't want to lose you…"

The younger sighed, his voice soft and pained.

"I'll… Disappear anyway… Please… Lemme go home…"

The older tightened his grip on the boy in his arms, holding him close, blinking back tears. He'd know it would come to this, eventually. He'd known they couldn't continue on this way. This was never how things were supposed to be. As the stronger of the two of them, he could continue to exist this way, on his own; but his companion…

The younger boy looked up, meeting his saddened gaze, blinking slowly, looking so tired. After a moment longer, the boy whimpered softly, begging, "Please, I want to go home… Please…"

The older boy held the youth closer, tears slowly leaking from eyes he had squeezed shut to avoid the pleading gaze of the younger in his arms. "Okay. Okay. I… Y-you can… C-come home n-now…" The elder male tightened his grip once more, tears falling to land on the face of the boy in his arms.

The younger closed his eyes, relaxing into the grip of his companion, smiling faintly and sadly as the pain slowly faded, replaced by comforting warmth. He snuggled closer to the older male, wanting to be close to his friend one final time as the warmth faded into nothingness, and he began to lose feeling in his body.


The older male held the boy tighter as the boy's body began to fade, a bright light enveloping him slowly. When it had faded, the elder male remained kneeling on the ground, his arms wrapped around himself in an effort to subdue the quite sobs wracking his body.

After what seemed like ages, he slowly dried his tears, lifting one hand up and brushing his fingertips over his heart faintly, whispering, "I love you."

A faint, sad smile touched his lips as he felt a small pulse of warmth filling him, and a feeling of peace surged through him as the echoes of a response flowed through him, a faint, tired voice whispering in the back of his mind as he felt the other drifting off.

"I love you, too."

I don't really know what I've written, here. I'm usure as to what's going on, as to what happened there. One of them vanished, yeah, but, really, I don't know much more than that. I'm not even sure what sort of 'love' is meant here--brotherly? friendship? romantic? Please, any interpertations as to what I've written would be greatly loved if you'd share them with me. I may have written this, but I'm at a loss as to where it came from and what it means. Honestly. I'm very confused right now.