You watched me trip and fall, down an endless flight of stairs

Well you didn't think that it mattered to ask how it felt when I hit the wall

Now did you even think to call for help when I showed up with three

Bloody fingers and a missing rib?

Brrrrreak my back before your bury me, 'cause it's too late

For your regrets and your traumas and your trials and I

Don't wanna hear it no more, I just wanna go home

I just want to sleep.

Silently awaking to a world full of noise and boys and toys

And it's all gone crazy with the ways these little robots walk,

How many gears have you stuck up in there to get them to do those litte tricks?

It's a nifty thing, I'll have to make a purchase myself one day, soon.

Back to the matter and the fact of chasing the cat up the tree

Never seemed easier than fish in a barrel and really,

Who would put fish in a barrel?

Now round the corner, soundly sleeping so sweetly

Baby won't you just, cock my loaded it.