Dear God,

I know you're always here, and that you love me, but I don't understand why I feel so far away from you. Please use me in any way you can to bring your love to this aching, broken world. I want to get close to you, and I want to love you just as I know you love me. Put me in the place you want me in and tell me your will so that I can do whatever I can to be a strong, faith-based woman.

Thank you for the people that you have set in my life, including my parental units, Laura, Bryant, Lindsay, Joanne, everyone. I ask for you to keep them strong and healthy and happy and full of your love. And thank you for Alex, for he makes Laura happy in ways I could never have done. It makes my heart smile to see her so full of love, of life. Thank you for Bryant, and I pray that I can find a way to bring him closer to you; I want him to be happy and full of your spirit.

Please be with me this week, and help me do the best I can in marching, and with all of the other tedious work that I must do as well.

Keep Zoe happy & healthy, and keep Lindsay as excited for you as she has been. Help Andi become closer to your heart, and use me in every way you can to make them happy and all for you.

Please help me overcome my lazy habits and become a better human being, and help me create clear goals for my future and learn from my past.

Thank you endlessly for the blessings that you have given to me, they are too numerous to name.

Use me to help spread your word & love & help me live like you want me to live.

I love you.

Lauren Elizabeth.


August 2, 2009.