All the thoughts running through my head
Are all the words I've already said
So I'll look around me and think of a new way
To tell you everything that I wanna say

I want to be there by your side
I will stay there through this ride
Look at me look in my eyes
And see how much you brighten my skies

I'll be quiet until the silence is deep
Until you find I'm yours to keep
My world is spinning it's spinning too fast
Come on, I know we can make this last


And when we are caught by the news
When we're surrounded by all of the crews
We can smile and wave we're good and gone
We can fall asleep to our song


And every night before we fall under the covers
I'll sing to you about best friends and lovers
We can be strong and we'll make it through
I can do anything when I'm next to you


I won't give up I won't give in
(Can you feel us drifting)
My eye on the prize I'm ready to win
(Feel the tides shifting)
I love the chaos and I love the unknown
(Can I have your word)
But I need you you're my one true home
(Can I have your word)

I love you.


August 5, 2009.