A/N: Hola people!! This is my first A/N because I've never realized how useful they are! Haha I'm slow, I know it already. ANYWHO! These are just poems I've written when I'm in one of those "moods" you know. If not. . . . . . You're weird! Haha I'm just kidding.

Night Air

Up in a tree,

And over a lake,

A breeze ruffles the leaves,

And with it the scent of water arises.

Tired eyes look over the water.

A soft hum breaks the silence.

Sweet melody!

Soft, yet firm.

All creatures stop to listen.

Miles and miles of silence,

Only the hum is heard,

Carried by the wind.

Shining moon!

Bright light in the night,

Its powers transfer to the water,

Then the tree,

And it's occupant.

Sweet melody fine,

Close to an end,

Song spell beautiful.

Tired eyes now closed,

Asleep in the tree full of ruffling leaves.

Only the echo of the song,

And the smell of the water remain as a memory,

That is carried though the Night Air.