Put it in the picture;
Saying I love you,
Keep it in the picture;
Saying I miss you,
Take it from the picture;

A little bit of happiness,
Please, put it in the picture;
A little more breathing,
Put it in the picture;
So much pain,
Do take it from this picture;
A sprinkle of light,
Put it in the picture;

A little more sun, a little less rain.
More fight than helplessness.
More color - a lot less gray.
Less cigarettes, more caffeine.

Show me equal parts of falling down and getting back up.

So much more discontentment and less acceptance.

Less dependence

Show me letting go of the past, long walks, living life, a woman free of her crutches, a little more hope, more faith.

Give me resistance, in the place of caving in.
Give me solitude, in the place of loneliness.
Give me joy, instead of all the grieving.

Show me all the things I need so much I can taste them.

Give me spontaneity instead of planning.
Give me words where I have none.
Give me courage and wisdom when all I think I have is cowardice and stupidity...

Give me my angels back to me, take these devils that drag me to my knees.
Give me all the Hell I can stand and show me the way through.
Give me scars that mean something - that teach me something worth learning.

Give me your faith and I'll make it through

Show me what I can be... just a glimpse for now.

Lighten the scene as though the sun is dawning. A bright burst of hope and deep blue determination like a demonic possession. Remove all the gray of the questions that swarm my mind, demanding, accusing, laughing at me. Scrape off the deep red stain that blotches the center - give me the white of forgetting and forgiving.

No, leave those dark corners and that blackened thing to the left. Something will become of them yet.

Am I sure? No, of course not but leave them all the same - if nothing else they'll remind us not to repeat what burnt them up in the first place...