Spilt my coffee all over my shoes

Not to mention, yours too

Giggly and bubbly,

And feeling kinda manic

But bad feels so good for now

I'm not safe, I'm not sane,

Give me a minute, and I won't


I was up too late,

Now I'm up too early

Not enough hours between

Breathing in this dense fog

Inside my head,

I don't wanna calm down

And forget slowing down

Please, don't bring me down today

So many hours in bleak dark,

With an ache in my chest that

Makes tears run like rivers from my eyes

There's no end in sight

So let me be today

Let me be crazy, loud

And probably quite foolish

Because tomorrow,

There I'll be again –

With misery on my right,

And agony on my left

Please let me be

Now I'm flying high,

As those unbalanced hormones

Seize in my head.

Forget looking down,

I'm far too high for that


Tomorrow this will be a

Vague memory of

Brief weightlessness.

I'm not going anywhere,

Just spinnin' my wheels as

Fast as I can.

And nothing's gettin' done.

It may seem pointless,

But after all that time in

The dark, even a freak wave

Of happiness is welcome.

So let me soar over it all today

And hold me when I crash …

So all that's done now,

Will burn in my chest

Later, far worse than

Any acid – though it

Consumes from inside.

Yes, it's like two different

People living within me.

But shouldn't I find

Relieving release where

I can?

Yes, I know I should worry.

I know I should be concerned.

But I can't find it in me,

Not today.

Right now, I'm so high

I could brush wings with angels.

So different from the demons

That have been choking me lifeless.

Don't cut me down,

Don't cut me off.

Today my heart hurts less

With every breath.

Let the world spin faster and faster

Until I'm hanging on by my fingertips.

Let me remember what it's like

To actually live, not just survive.

Let this disorder teach me

Something new.

Let me rise above this doubt,

Let me mount up

With wings as eagles.

And when I plummet back to this plane of existence,

Don't tell me 'I told you so' don't tell me it's not worth it.

Right now I don't give a damn. Right now I don't remember how.

And tomorrow… well its tomorrow so let's forget about the

Pain we'll find in it