Give me something lasting, something real

I beg you; don't wait 'til I've pieced back together my heart –

For eternity is a long way off…

.. ..

Don't let my fingertips brush my desire but never come close enough,

Don't tease me as such, my mind cannot take it…

.. ..

Come on now, I know you hear me…

I don't mean to step on toes or scream like an incessant child,

Don't get me wrong – but how long am I going to have to wait?

.. ..

Yes, I am very good at the hot/cold deal but

You know how long I've been waiting for this –

I'm beyond tired of the one-nighters and the

Long-termers that just rip the pair of us apart…

.. ..

And I get the feeling that

You think this is all

Really funny…

.. ..

Well, listen here pal –

I don't have to try here…

I could find a form of what

I'm lookin' for…

.. ..

However horrible that might end

.. ..

Yeah, yeah I hear you –

I told you so…

Don't tell me didn't just say that.

'Even you cannot deny the perfection in my plans'

Yeah – really sounds like I told you so

.. ..

You say tomato, I say tomato

.. ..

Plans to give me a future, huh?

Yeah well, you know how I feel

About the whole 'destiny' thing.

So is it like a many paths, only mine's right kinda thing?

.. ..

Ah, many paths… sorry I think I missed that last part.

.. ..

Oh, no you don't – your not gonna sit back and look at me in that tone of voice. Don't chuckle at me… I'm trying here, alright?

Trying as in working on the whole 'not miserably failing'.

.. ..

Hey, are you gonna help me or laugh at me? Mmm-hhhmmmm, right then – hang up the phone. Or more likely, my 'phone' lost the connection. Dammit.

What the heck?! Don't scare me to death with the ominous 'I did not'. What's next, burning bushes?

.. ..

Yes! I am very well aware that I look like I'm talking to myself.

They're already very sure I'm certifiable;

Why not use it?

.. ..

Okay, okay – all I was saying was I'm ready and willing whenever you get around to me and the rest of my life. Yes, I know it's not all about me – it's just mostly about me.

.. ..

Let me get this straight – you're allowed a sense of humor but I'm not? Psh. So much for being made in your image. All right, all right – enough with the thunder! Jiminy Christmas. Yes, I'll shut up now.