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Joe Balentine, Senior loves two things more than anything else- girls, and swimming. In swim, he's made state every year since 7th grade and is the best backstroke and freestyler on the team. It's his passion, a hobby as well as a sport, and the reason he has to shower 3 times a day to avoid smelling like chlorine. When it comes to girls, well...he flirts. A lot. Too much. And he knows it, but never catches himself until it's too late. Mostly it doesn't matter- he fools around with a chick for about a week, makes out, breaks up with her. It's easy; it's fun. And in the long run, one screwy relationship doesn't hurt anyone, right?

Alice Hernandez, Junior was born in Puerto Rico and lives life as a total 90s child, despite the fact that she was seven when they ended. She's tiny and dark-skinned, with black hair, loves acting as well as "man movies" and Taco Bell in a way that only someone immune to heartburn can. She loves her slightly older twin brother, Samuel, but can't help wondering what it would be like to have her sister, who died just a few hours after birth, alive.

Tom Schwarz, Junior doesn't understand what's so bad about wearing black, having facial piercings, and listening to Norwegian Death Metal. What's wrong with wearing your favorite color? Half his stepsister's wardrobe is green, for chrissake! As for the piercings, well, he likes shiny things. It's not your face, so why complain? And the Heavy Metal? Well, don't girls always screech about love and cheer leading and clothes in loud voices? People are such hypocrites. Not to mention that since dad moved out and mom married the local pastor, things have been a bit weird. But hey, there's always late night TV to keep him company and help provide a firm grip on reality.

Olive Pagonis, Senior thinks her parents secretly hate their "beloved Greek heritage." Why else would they mock it by naming her after an export? There was Thisbe, Persephone, even Medusa or Eurydice to choose from, and they came up with Olive. Of course, it did fit: her skin was indeed olive, and her unnatural auburn hair did resemble the red pepper often used to stuff the vegetables (or where they fruits?), but it was still a stupid name. Even if it had helped her gain the presidency of the international club as a junior.

Cyrus Cobalt, Senior can't even remember the last time he went a day without smoking up. He knows it's not good for his mind or health, but he's always responsible about it- he never drives or goes out in public while he's high, and always has a phone near for help. It's just nice to forget sometimes that his mom has stage 3 pancreatic cancer and he didn't get to say goodbye to his dad before the drunk driver hit him in the middle of their phone conversation 4 months ago. Maybe that's why he's a careful addict. He really could quit if he wanted to- honestly. He just sees no reason why he should.

Dessie Rembalt, Junior remembers when she used imagine she was a princess of a kingdom where everything was pastel and fluffy and all the animals and people loved her. Now the only thing she's princess of is the corner table in the cafeteria, even in her own mind. Dying her hair black and choosing to wear her thick-framed transition lenses probably only helps her blend into the shadows, but Dessie doesn't care. All she wanted to do was add contemporary dance to the curriculum, not start a war with the jazz and ballet troop. Now she gets to be in a class with people that hate her two hours a day, and the knife on her lunch tray is looking increasingly friendly, even if it is plastic.

Will McGarrigle, Senior wants to have just that- will. Free will to be precise. His parents always controlled his every decision when he was little. When they finally relinquished that hold, he let his friends take over without a fight, then his first girlfriend, and once again his friends, as well as enemies. He knows he has to stand up against them, but what does he want anyway? It's not like he understands what girls mean or what clothes to buy or how to toss a football. The only reason he's popular is because of his best friend, Joe. Is he willing to risk losing all of that and become a geek? Is he willing to do anything??

Una Induru, Senior is disgusted by how well her name fits. She's always one pound to fat, one finger length too thick, one size too big, and she hates herself for it, which is why she hasn't eaten in nearly three months. The sight of food is revolting, the smell nauseating, and the taste- well, the taste wasn't all that bad until you thought of all the little calories and carbs and fatty acids were in that one little bite and then- well, that had only happened once. Worshiping the Porcelain God isn't her style. And besides, she isn't anorexic, she's dieting. She'd looked it up, and Anorexia meant not eating for three months and skipping two periods, along with other things. She's kept up her diet for two months and twenty-three days, and her last period was just late. Extra late. She'll start eating after that little bit of flab on her thighs was gone.

Charles Leonardi, Junior doesn't understand how in a high school of over 3,000 students it's possible for everyone to know one girl's name. Not that she isn't deserving of being known by all, she's nice and had over a 2.0 and was a model and played tennis in a short white skirt and... okay, he has to stop now because his pants are getting tight. Anyway, she's going to be his girlfriend, no matter what it takes. He switched positions in yearbook and journalism so that he's the tennis team's photographer, and he's taking mixed-doubles lessons at the YMCA. It's okay if he's more of a track and field sort of guy-- tennis will come to him eventually, and so will Elizabeth.

Liza Trimble, Junior is so sick of everyone labeling her 'lesbian.' Yes, she likes girls. Yes, she is "gay." No, that doesn't mean she's a mutant freak with no feelings or goals or dreams other than kissing Katy Perry (which is nowhere on her agenda, so stop making dumb jokes about it). And there are so many stereotypes- yes she has short hair and no boobs or butt to speak of, but that's not why she's the way she is. She doesn't even know why she likes girls, she just does. Of course it's kind of upsetting that after three years she still didn't have a girlfriend or even a hope of getting one, so she sticks to her keytar and prays that one day her grandmother will stop calling her a dike.

Adam Byrne, Senior thinks all the "so have you been in Eden" jokes are getting old. Yes, his current girlfriend's name is Eden, and no, they haven't done it. Not that he doesn't want to and hasn't even pushed her to a few times, but she won't budge. He wants to say it's time to move on- it's been two months and he's starting to get a little antsy- but something about her is different. The way that she can not be touching him and still make him smile or feel warm. The way he thinks of her as more than a tool. The way he thinks about her laugh or how her eyes sparkle, not her boobs or how good her lips feel against his. And the way he feels guilty even hugging another girl. Maybe he's gotten too attached... or maybe he's not attached enough.

Mollie Ray, Junior is finally learning that just because it was her mom's idea doesn't automatically make it terrible. Maybe it's her own fault that her grades keep falling, she'll do anything for attention, she doesn't have the drive to finish anything and she keeps forgetting to feed the goldfish. Still, if she admits all of this, she'll have to fix it, and how do you fix something when you don't even know how the problem started?

Samuel Hernandez, Junior doesn't think he'll ever live down the day he came out of art with clay smeared into his hair from where he'd unthinkingly brushed it back while working with wet clay at the wheel. Not that he really minds- art is his mojo, the yin to his yang, the zip-i-dee-do-dah to his day (as are odd expressions, in case you can't tell). He loves oil paints especially, though anything works after he made AP art last year, the only student in the school to do so. He can't wait for the day until he owns his own studio. Of course, he doesn't expect to just pop! have the money for it, so that's why he's studying to be an architect first. Math isn't his favorite subject, but next to art it's his best, and he loves design, so it's all anchors away from here.

Elizabeth Ortolano, Junior, or Lizzie as her friends call her (even though she'd prefer just Liz) wants to be known for more than her face and her somewhat slutty tennis uniform, but it's kind of hard when her GPA's only 2.2 and she's never worked a day in her life in between driving her Porsche and living in her dad's penthouse apartment. Still, it's not like she's a total priss- she knows how life works, and always matches how much she spends at Christmas to a charity donation, and tries to be nice to get good karma. She doesn't particularly want a boyfriend, mostly because she's sick of physical relationships, but there are a few nice guys out there. She just needs to find her place, and convince her best friend that she didnt' steal her 'man', he chose her.

George Mathis, Senior wonders why his parents chose to give him an old man name, among other things- how to end world hunger, stop pollution, what if the hokey pokey really is what it's all about, should we save the dolphins, what's the meaning of life- you know, all the normal stuff for a humanitarian. What he wonders most is if he'll ever be good enough at violin to make the New York Grand Harmonic Orchestra, or maybe even something better. If there is a God or gods and what do they think of him? Will he ever be truly happy? Well, with such deep thoughts its no great wonder that his girlfriend of two years left him and his grades are dropping.