Written 8/20/09 By Cassandra L Freiborg

My lover laughs and smiles wide,

Behind his eyes a darkness hides,

And though I've walked 3 years at his side,

I fear I cannot remain as his guide.

The darkness seeps out over his lashes,

It creeps and claws and slowly clashes,

And robs him of his will to try,

To tell the truth, and not to lie.

And all the while I strive to find,

A way to bind his heart to mine,

And save it from the darkness brewing,

Within his soul, and slowly stewing.

I beg and plead to no avail,

And cry and weep and rant and rail.

And all the while he still smiles,

Unaware of his inner trials.

"My love," I beg, "Don't do this to me."

How foolish to beg with a fantasy.

For this man who was to be my life

Was always frozen behind a vice.

To please and please and please himself,

And leave all else to go to hell.

Did he care or am I naïve,

Did he ever love me?