Warnings: Obsession of fire?

Notes: This is the second in my series mentality. See schizophrenia, it's the first one.

The sound of a match striking is Ecstasy to my ears. The pain I fell when the heat strays to close to my delicate milky-white skin gets me off.

No one know about my obsession with fire. The most people know is that I love candles, I'm fun to have a smoke with because I always have a light, and I collect vintage matchboxes for fun.

I love fire. Obvious ain't it?

I should probably get help,since burning my school,home and self has crossed my mind more that once on a daily basis. But all that will end is my ability to attain fire. It will not end my need for it.

As they say, you can take the fire away from the girl, But you can't take the girl away from the fire, so for now I keep it down to letting the flames lick my fingertips, leaving a dull throbbing pain in it's wake.

But if I were to snap, I'd burn my school first.

I start to drool just thinking about it.