Hello. I'm not quite sure how to say this, but I once again stole some of the stories from this collection and published them. But you might be new, so let me recap.

Many moons ago there was a collection of fairy tales that was 29 stories long. The author loved these stories very much, and she liked offering them for free on the internet. But then, one day the author thought to herself self, I'm unemployed; do you think I could make a buck or two off selling these stories which I love so much?

And herself replied, Why would anyone buy something they could get for free? Do you really think your sob story--'oh, boo-hoo, I'm unemployed'--is going to get you ANY attention in this economy?

Luckily the author was well-versed in not listening to her more practical side, and so she went through with the plan to self-publish, selecting twelve tales from her free website to be put into the book--and removing all but one so they were no longer available for free.

This book was called Fairies, Princes and Fairy Princes, and was available on the kindle platform, as a .pdf and, eventually, as a paper book via a fairy named Lulu, with the details of where to purchase the book posted handily on the author's profile page.

The author did not get rich overnight from selling her book, but she made nearly ten dollars every other month or so, and that was something.

After ten months, however, the author still found herself unemployed and even poorer than she had been before, so she once again decided that she should put together a book of her fairy tales and attempt to sell it, thinking hopefully that she might even make twenty dollars a month with two fairy tale books out.

So the author assembled the new book, which she called Under the Sun and Moon, and into which she placed eleven tales from her two free collections, and one tale that was entirely and completely new--called 'Maui and the Sun'--which she hoped would act as an extra incentive for people to buy her book. She then carefully placed the details of book purchasing in her profile, and sat back to see what would happen.

If you'd like this story to have a happy end, you can go ahead and check out my profile for more details.

Fairies, Princes and Fairy Princes includes the following stories:

East o'the Sun, West o'the Moon
Espin and the North Wind
The Prince on the Glass Hill
The Entangled Merman
Espin and the King
The Fairy and the Witch
The Fairy's Belt
The Fish and the Ring
One-Eye, Two-Eyes and Three-Eyes
The Fair One with Locks of Gold
The First Christmas Tree

Under the Sun and Moon contains the following stories:

The Moon-Prince
The Fairy Queen's Heir
The Loyal Huntsman
The Fairy Princess of Ivory City
The Smith at Fairies' Forge
The Garden of the Fairy Queen
The Selkies
Puss in Boots
Maui and the Sun