"So spill! Do you like him?" Faith looked at her best friend from across the couch that they were sitting down on. She watched, as Storm shook her head, her dark black hair falling gracefully around her. "No, definitely not. I just feel like he's not the one for me, you know what I mean?" Faith nodded and put her pale arms around her knees, her gaze still on the girl in front of her. "Don't worry, I'm sure you'll find that person one day. Maybe both of us will."

She gave Storm a hopeful smile, something that seemed to melt the brunette's heart. Storm loved that smile and the fact that she loved it, scared her. How could she tell Faith that she was the one that she liked? The truth would only ruin their friendship, and that was something that she couldn't handle. And she was pretty sure that the blonde girl across from her would say that she didn't like her like that.

Still, Storm couldn't help practically staring at Faith, wanting so much more than she was getting at the moment. The brunette swallowed her saliva, in a savage hunger that she was trying so hard to hide from her best friend. The other girl was only inches away and she knew all she had to do was to lean over and take that one chance.

Little did she know though, the blonde was feeling the same way. Faith shifted on the couch again, suddenly uncomfortable under her friend's penetrating gaze, feeling a desire within her that she couldn't exactly figure out. She thought that maybe it was because of the silence that they were suddenly in, but in the back her head she knew that it was more than that.

Luckily, it was in her personality to be the one to change the subject. "You know, I heard Professor Johnson was giving out another essay. What topic do you think it will be on?" Faith gave Storm a curious expression, hoping that the tension in her would be diminished with the new conversation.

The brunette just kept her dark hazel eyes on her friend and knew that she wouldn't be able to answer the question. Her heart was beating just too hard and her air supply was growing thin. All she wanted was just one kiss. Yet, if she took the risk, everything would go down the drain. Storm had been through too much in her past and to lose Faith would completely damage her.

However, who said that she couldn't at least admit the truth? "I want you," she said in a whisper. Her eyelids fluttered downward, avoiding the other girl's gaze. She felt as if her body was simply on fire and her insides were burning until they seemed to reach her very soul.

Faith felt her eyes widen with surprise. First of all, that did not answer her question. And second of all…well, there really was no second of all. She couldn't just admit that she also had feelings for her best friend, now could she? Although, the words seemed to be on the tip of her tongue, so before she could think everything through, she felt her mouth open. "I want you, too. But I mean, there is no way we could be together. It'll ruin everything." The blonde felt tears start to build up in her eyes and as she gazed at Storm, they came slowly down her face, like little droplets of rain.

For some reason, the brunette wasn't surprised so much about her best friend's answer. Even though, that didn't exactly mean much, since Storm considered herself to normally be unemotional. It gave her the strength to be able to handle situations like the one she was in now, to the best of her ability. "But we'll never know, if we don't try. Faith, think of how great it would be if we were dating. We wouldn't have to hold back…" she trailed off then, swallowing the rest of her words.

At this point though, Faith knew exactly what Storm meant. They were such close friends that they could practically read each other's minds. "What if we break up? Haven't you considered that possibility?" The blonde felt more tears running down her face and she sniffled. Her last relationship that she was in didn't turn out so well. The boy had broken up with her after several months of being together. He seemed to be expecting too much of her and Faith knew that she could only give a certain amount of herself away.

Storm moved even closer to the thin girl sitting next to her and put her long pale arm around her shoulders. Her friend's body heat was driving her insane and she wished that she could just strip her clothes off right then and there. Yet, then she remembered her fear of losing Faith again and she figured that was what made her talk about dating before. "Yeah I know…" she trailed off again. But damn, besides everything, she still needed that lip-to-lip contact.

Deciding to take at least one more risk, before they made that final decision to just stay best friends, Storm kissed Faith's salty tired lips. The blonde felt her eyes widen again, but she needed the contact just as much as her friend did. They could have one fling at least, couldn't they? She smiled at the thought and put her tongue inside the brunette's mouth, deepening the kiss.

Storm shifted her position on the couch and began taking off her clothes, until she was only in her black bra and her underwear. She helped Faith get rid of her own clothing and her gaze fell upon the girl's pale white bra, along with milky breasts. Storm lowered herself onto her best friend, kissing her again and again, with a wild passion and a desperate need.

Faith responded by arching her whole body upwards and against the brunette's pale silk skin. Fire seemed to race between them and she grabbed Storm's thick dark hair with her fingers, loving the way it felt against her body. It was like they were made for each other and that factor only led to Faith kissing the girl harder, moving her mouth all over the Storm's face. She seemed to be drinking her best friend in and she felt like she couldn't get enough of her.

The brunette couldn't help herself. She was losing control. And fast. Storm felt her whole skin start burning up from the amount of heat that was growing between them, so she took off the rest of her clothing, until she was fully naked. No embarrassment came into her mind, as Faith stopped kissing to stare at her. For some apparent reason it seemed so natural for Storm's body to be exposed to the other girl and she couldn't help but also rip off her best friend's clothing. She needed Faith to be inside her and to know all of her faults and all of her weaknesses. The brunette was far from perfect and she wanted that intimate connection with someone.

Faith knew all of this, so it didn't bother her at all when they were both finally naked in front of each other. She made the decision that she was going to make Storm feel an immense amount of pleasure at the moment, so she kissed and sucked on her best friend's hard erected nipples. They were coated with sweat and Faith started licking it off, tasting a warm sweetness in her mouth.

Moving on to better things, the blonde trailed kisses down the girl's stomach and hip region, sliding herself even more so under the brunette. Their private areas were now completely touching and Faith leaned up and whispered something small into Storm's gorgeous white ear. "Ride me," she said, her voice hot and sexy.

Her best friend nodded and moved her hips and body up and down Faith's hot and tight sheath, their friction causing her to go wild with need. This wasn't completely what Storm wanted though, so she stopped and lifted her weight slightly off of her best friend. Being daring, the brunette slipped her middle finger and her index finger inside of the girl.

Faith gasped, her eyes widening with pleasure and desire. Her body buckled as Storm began moving her two thin fingers in and out of her entrance, causing her sheath to tighten even more. She groaned and she rolled her head back on a nearby pillow, biting her lip until it was bleeding. The red liquid pooled out from her mouth and dribbled on her chin.

Storm kept her fingers inside and leaned over to kiss the blood away from Faith's mouth. Then, she ducked her head, moving her body lower and took her fingers out of the girl's entrance. When she reached her destination, she placed her tongue inside of Faith's entrance and began moving it around her best friend's private area. Juices were slowly leaking out and she heard Faith let out another moan of pleasure, her hips shooting upward, making Storm drink more of her best friend in.

As her tongue was lapping, she placed the same two fingers up and inside her own entrance. Storm was surprised at how good it felt and her whole body seemed to explode with her climax, along with Faith coming shortly afterwards. She heard her best friend practically scream and felt the blonde rest her head on her shoulder.

Faith's hair came down on Storm's body, and all the blonde kept thinking was what they just did was wonderful. "Storm," she whispered, "I don't think that this best friend thing will work out after all." She pushed the brunette's hair back from her forehead and kissed the girl in the same place her fingers touched. She knew how hard it was for her friend and she didn't expect Storm to say anything back.

When a few minutes went by in complete silence, Faith's head still resting upon Storm's shoulder, the brunette ended up lifting her head. "I agree," she said quietly. And with that, she kissed Faith again, tasting the left over blood that was inside of her lip.