Chapter 1

Teresa walked to her locker one day when Julie said something that changed her entire middle school life.

"Kole's single!" Julie exclaimed in an almost-whisper (Julie had a problem with whispering- she couldn't when she had gossip).

Teresa almost fainted. "You say what now?!" she replied loudly.

"I said," she repeated, "Kole broke up with Sadie yesterday after school! I was in Mr. Babylon's room, packing up, when Sadie came over to wait for Kole, when he said 'Sadie, we need to talk. I'm sorry, but this just isn't working out. I…I love someone else.' Can you believe that, Teresa?! Maybe he meant you, eh? Eh?" she taunted, nudging Teresa with her elbow.

"Oh my God! Maybe he did! Holy cow! So, you're positive he is still single?!" Teresa asked.

"Yeah, why?"

"Well, I have Science first, and that's the only class that I have when I sit next to him," Teresa explained. "I could ask him out before or after class today."

"Good idea," Julie encouraged. "Then I could watch a pig fly into school and kiss Mr. Ron! Come on, Teresa. Do you really think that you will have the courage to ask out the guy of your dreams?"

"You know, Julie, most friends would encourage their friends during something like this. But no; not you. You just like to discourage me." They laughed.

"Girls!" Ms. Pek snapped. "Get to homeroom or you'll be late."

"I'll take you're stuff to your desk. You'd better get up to the announcements or else you'll be late," Teresa offered.

"Thanks! And to pay you back, I won't tease you for that anymore," Julie said.

"Thanks, Ju-" Teresa started.

"No one likes you, Teresa!" Julie interrupted quickly as she always did. "I'm only kidding. Good Luck, and thanks!"

"No problem. You too!"

Teresa went to homeroom and put her stuff then walked back two desks and left one, next to her x-boyfriend/x-friend, Nick Samuels. She set Julie's stuff down and told Mrs. Junya that Julie was here.

"Okay. Thanks," Mrs. Junya said.

Teresa walked back to her desk and awaited the bell to ring so the announcements could end ASAP. She REALLY needed to get to Iklar's class so she could ask out Kole. Eeep!! I'm really going to do this! Oh my god! Taylor thought.

The announcements started; Colin Mason and Julie began them with the Pledge of Allegiance. Teresa didn't pay any attention to the announcements; she was too busy planning what she was going to say to Kole.

The bell rang and Teresa left to get to Science. Kole was walking right in front of her with his best friend, Wyatt Henry. Wyatt walked into the classroom and Kole waited right there, behind the lockers.

"Hey, Teresa," he said.

Oh my god, is he really talking to me?! "Oh. Hey, Kole," Teresa replied.

"So, you know Sadie Brown?"

He asked me the same thing earlier this year when he told me Violet was his girlfriend… "Uh, yeah? She's your girlfriend, right?"

"Uh, sure… well, not anymore. And that's because of you."

OH MY GOD!!!! THIS IS REALLY HAPPENING!!! I DON'T HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT ME ASKING HIM OUT!!! YAY!!! "My fault? What are you talking about?" she asked him innocently.

"Well, … this is kinda embarrassing," he admitted. No! It's not embarrassing! Not for me!!! Teresa thought.

"Oh, really? Well, what is it? We have a few minutes before class starts," she explained.

"Well," he said, then pulled her out by Mrs. Hunter's door. "I… I really like you; not Sadie. Not Violet; you," he gushed.

Teresa almost fainted for the second time that day. "Pinch me, I'm dreaming," she muttered.

"Huh? What was that?" he asked.

"Oh, nothing, nothing. Well, okay. I…really like you too, Kole," she finally admitted to his face after waiting nine long months to say so. The fire alarm went off right then.

"Class! Come on! This is not a drill! Go out of the building calmly," Iklar was yelling at the class.

"Well, I guess we'd better get outside," Kole suggested.

"Yeah; okay. I guess we'd better," Teresa agreed shyly.

They walked into the classroom. "What took you two so long?" Colin hissed tauntingly to Teresa. "You kiss?"

She ignored Colin and just shook her head, smiling.

"What?" Kole asked her.

"Nothing; Mason's trying to embarrass me…as always," Teresa explained.

"Oh. Okay."

They made sure that they were last in line when everyone lined up to go outside.

"So, Teresa," Kole whispered in her ear. "Do you want to be my girlfriend?"

She fainted.