i've got it finally figured out,

i know why i love you,

and it's not what i thought it was,

i was mistaken,


it's because you're the only one i'll ever get,

you're the only one that knows me completely,

you're my safety net,

and i feel like you're the one i'll come back to,


sure, my heartbeat isn't right sometimes,

but now i gotta let it go,

you're just a friend (a true friend),

and i'm leaving it the way it should be,


i knew it wouldn't work,

despite the signs,

it's just because you care about me,

just watching out for me,


and if you ever hold me,

it's because i needed someone,

you'll always be the one i can just 'depend on',

just another 'best friend',


you're everything i need,

but we should just leave it as is,

i've come to a realization,

it's never going to work,


i don't even want to try,

just talk to me,

like you usually do,

and give me those waves,


i'll get over it,

something's keeping me away from saying it anyways,

i couldn't tell you if i tried,

so let's pretend that i've always felt the same way,


i hope you didn't notice me trying something different,

all i wanted was someone to be with me,

and you were the most reliable,

so, please forgive me,


put your arm around me,

and walk beside you,

just like someone else would,

i'll be here forever,


i hope we'll be just the same,

we've always been a little awkward on my side,

but we've got something going,

i just want to let you know,


i'll take care of you,

like you did me,

you've had my heart for so long,

we've been through a lot,


i appreciate everything you've ever done,

the little things matter the most,

and you're such a sweet guy,

but it'll be the same, always,


if you want to prove me wrong,

then i won't stop you,

but i'm gone,

i'm gone.