Blood Work

Chapter 1: My name is Justin

My name is Jacob. I'm seventeen years old.I live with my family:mom,dad and both my dog, well I don't live with my dog anymore it was eaten by the monster. I have one friend whom of which I won't say for fear of his demise. I'm being hunted by an animal. An animal I don't think wants to play fetch with me. I should have stayed home, I should never have disobey my parents. And I swear if I make it I will care for my parents to the day I die. I'll go the college I'll eat my veggies. Hell I'll even let them pick out my wife! Just please, please don't let it find me. I know it knows im here it tracked me down. It's been stalking me ever sense...I might as well say it. -


What was that?


Oh no it's find me! To whoever finds this phone please give it to the policemen and make sure they warn the locals. Goodbye mom, dad and you Cindy. I know you were a bitch just to cover the real you but don't worry I believe you're nice and kind and helpful and all the other great things that are true about you!

Goodbye everyone I love you all.





A boy with short black hair and green eyes jumped out of bed rushing to the bathroom. Flushing sounds were heard and white noise was heard from the room. Soon the boy was rushing out of room with a red striped polo and blue skinny jeans on his arm.

"OH CRAP OH CRAP OH CRAP!" he said as he put on jeans and brushed his hair. He then grabbed his backpack and ran downstairs.

"Why didn't anybody wake me up!?" he asked to his family, to his surprise where not in there usual spots.

"Mom, Dad!?" He yelled.

No one answered.

"Mom, Dad…Charlie?"

"Steve? Hello anyone?!"

"hmm that's odd mom didn't even have toast in the toaster."

The boy walked out the front door.

"Dad hasn't picked up his morning newspaper too. What is going on here?"

He looked at his watch.

"Shit seven minutes until homeroom."

"Cross Country don't fail me now!" He took off his sneakers and his socks and ran into a sprinting down block after block. He couldn't be late not again. If he was late one time he would get kicked off the team. He couldn't let that happen. Not again.

"What's the rush there sonny?" said the clerk who owns the drift shop just right off of Drowns Street. He was chubby and scruffy looking with a very long clerk mustache.

"Can't talk mister man, I'm running late for school!" He said Racing by.

"But Sonny Didn't ya hear on the news?!" said the clerk but the boy had already turned the corner.

"There it is!" He said as the McFerrin School came into view. He finally made it to the student's when he saw it. Nine police cruisers were parked on the school's grounds. "Hey you what are you doing here!" yelled one of the policemen. "Um, school?" The man chuckle.

"Lay off the drugs no brainier school's been cancel."

"Please tell me this is a joke."

"Sorry son try again in four days when school resumes."

"Aw Man!"

Roche Latonia Café

"Dude you should seriously leave your phone on I texted you like at least 11 times!"

"Gee thanks Derek next time there's no school why don't you join a choir singing 'Hey' by Mitchell Musso!"

"Well it's not like I don't have the voice eh Justin!" said Derek nudge Justin in the arm.


"Stop it! And sense we're on the subject why was school cancel?"

"You haven't heard?" Justin shook his head. "Dude some kid was murdered by a animal last night." "Murdered my an animal? Dude you're English tanks."

"Whatever," Derek reach into his book bag and pulled out a newspaper. "This headline has gots many a lot of people paranoid. They even got our curfew knock back a couple of hours!"

This is Derek

He's the best friend 'the gossip guy', the news junkie. If it involves entertainment he's already heard about it. If it's the Broody's home on fire he already knows who started it. Ya see. Derek's family comes from a long long long line of newscasters and newsmakers. His father works for the local news paper, his mom: Channel 20's lead news reporter. His fathers dad own's one-sixth of the largest news channel: 'CNN'. And his mom's great great aunt was one of the first ladies ever to work in the news business. Derek and I have been friends ever sense pre-K and have never been separable. Derek had long dusty blond hair that rain to his shoulder's and blue eyes. He wore his 'Where's my money?' T-shirt and ripped jeans. Contrary to his looks he was not a surfer. In fact he just plain out sucks at everything that involves boards.

"Farmington Fears Freakish Feline? Lot of F's."

"Yeah I know my dad came up with the tag. Read on it gets better."

"Alright, alright. Last night around 6:30 A.M. miss Remington woke to screaming out side her home. She heard growling and got out her broomstick prepare to shoot the animal to death. When she found the source of the noise she was shocked at what she saw. There on the ground laid what look to be a eaten human body. It's lower half missing and skin ripped off. Authorizes have yet to identify the victim but have had lots of tips and sights reported nearby the neighborhood."

"Freaky right!?" said Derek jump in up and down in his seat.

"Aw it's just some bear that's find it's way into the town."

"Some bear eh? Turn the page." Justin turned the page to find a very shaky picture that could only be decribed as 'what is it of?"

"Shaky picture. Not impressed."

"Nothing pleases you does it?"

"Not really no." Justin and Derek sat for a second looking at each other til Derek broke the silence.

"Just look at the outline you can clearly see the tall ears, the human like stance and not to mention how this just screams WERECAT!"

"Now that you mention it- wait Werecat?"

"Yeah a Werecat!"

"…" Justin stared at Derek like he had just written the worst review for a A rated game.

"Fine we're call it a 'Werewolf' but when the werecat comes for you who ya gonna call?"

"Animal control."

"You take the fun out of everything."

"Here's ya cheese fries boys." said a lady waitress with eight containers of cheese covered fries.

"Thanks." they boy said.

"Why did we order eight of these things?"

"Dude when you have the job I have how can you not." said Derek stuffing his face.

"So what's on the calendar tonight?" he asked.

"Well I was thinking we could hit up the arcade and play air hockey eight hours straight."

"Six hours."



Oh right…oh we could hit up some hot chicks walking by in 3,2,1."

"Hey Cadence, Sam, Cindy, Kasey, Cathy how's it hanging?"

"Shut up I need the DL?"

"You know the fee."

"Here" Cathy handed Derek two hundred dollars. "What you need to know?"

And here we meet the Cee Sisters.

There's Cadence the brunette who's shy and quite. Sam the long red head who's tomboyish. Cindy the long blond who's girly in every way possible. EVERY WAY. Kasey the short red head whom everybody thinks is gay. And Cathy the rich Brunette that's bitchy in every way and still get's fucked.

"Is Brad going to ask that bitch Betty to prom or me?" said Cathy.




The girl sighed in relief

"But he isn't going to ask you out either."


"Brad doesn't want to go to prom he's busy selling drugs at the anti-prom."

"Oh and he wants it on a DL so if you could tell him I didn't tell you that would be nice."

'That Bastard! Come on girls."

"Oh um Derek I was wondering if… if if-"


"If um bye!" Cadence ran away.

"You do know she was going to ask you out right?"

"Of course Gossip ear hello anyone there?" said Derek knocking on Justin's head.

"Eat your cheese."

"I will."



Later that day

"So who are you gonna ask to prom?" asked Derek.

"Shouldn't I be asking you that?" said Justin.

"hehe I guess so. I mean when was the last time you went out dancing and having fun at the same time."

"Never, come on let's get moving it's getting late." said Justin.

"You're not afraid of that animal are you?"

"I'm sure there are plenty of people who are and NO."

"Sure you can say that now."


"HEY don't shhh me!"

"Shhhhhut UP!" yelled Justin.

There was a noise coming from the bushes.

"Hello who's there?" yelled Derek.



"What are you doing?" asked Derek as Justin got walked closer to the noise.


"Justin, Justin!"

When Justin got to the bush the snarling began

"Holy Hell run!" yelled Justin as a rabid-dog ran after them.

Lucky for them they both were on the Cross Country Team. Unlucky for them someone left a man hole open and Justin fell in.



"Are you alright?!"

Derek looked up to see the dog wasn't coming any closer to him and soon had walked away.

"JUSTIN! Wait there I'll go get some help!"

Justin woke up in the sewers.

"EW!" said Justin as he tried to pick the gunk off of him. He heard footsteps. He saw a shadow move down the tunnel. He turned his head back up to the hole he had fallen through. "Who the hell leaves a man hole open at night?" he asked himself. "And for that matter now that I recall there was no construction happening at all in this town." He said to himself. The sewers were the most disgusting thing Justin could think of to be in. Right next to getting his arm caught in the toilet. The walls were rusting and so were the pipes. "I thought sewers were supposed to have a cleaning crew come down here every now and then." Justin wondered if these pipes were connected to his house. It would explain the water problem. Justin was completely surprised that this place hadn't collapsed yet.

More footsteps.

"Who's there?" he asked out loud. Suddenly there was a very large body moving toward him. "Oh Fuck!" he tried to climb his way back up but the ladder was broken and he had found out his arm was dislocated. He ran to into the nearby tunnel hoping his running before hadn't worn him out yet. To his pleasure he could feel the adrenaline rushing through his ran tunnel after tunnel until he could feel the ache of the muscles.'Guest that's what happens when you spend the entire day without stretching after sprinting to several different places'. He thought. He ran through three more tunnels until his legs gave out from under him. The animal now had him cornered and he had no chance in hell to survive. He knew it He was to die at the hands of this beast. But Justin at least wanted to fight for his death and picked up a pipe on the ground. "Stay back you fuck!" he swung at the beast which to his surprised was stumbling back and it looked like it's fur was being burned. "The pipe?" he thought he swung at it again and burned more of the thing. "You hate this then stay back before this thing is up your ass!" he said. The thing turned around and ran away. "Yeah that's right you run away you fucked up experiment from the 40's! That should teach you to mess with Justin Fucking Copper!" Justin kept the pipe in his hand prepared for a surprised attack. He knew animals weren't that dumb. Well yeah they were but this one knew how to open up a fucking man hole!

Justin found it impossible to climb up a broken ladder with a dislocated arm and a pipe in the other so he put the disgusting thing in his mouth and tried to not to touch his tongue with it. That too was impossible has he had never really climbed up anything with one arm working.

He finally made it out of the sewers and up the man hole where he saw his friend, Derek, waiting for him in a police cruiser and a fire truck was pulling up. "Bro your alive!" "I fell down the man hole D not an elevator. "Right sure dude what happen to you, you look like you were in the ring with Big Show and came back as Justin 'the meat compressorey' copper. "The ambulance is here son and we've contacted your parents." "Thank you officer. "We're gonna need the both of you to tell us a report of what happen. "Yeah sure we can do that." Justin and Derek hopped in the ambulance.

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