That New Thing

I stood on the five story rooftop watching the police cruisers speeding their way here. I wondered what the hell was happening. I look down, "Oh fuck!". I hate heights. My vision blurred and then the world lost its color.

I felt something in my ear. "99.6" I heard someone say. I slowly open my eyes to a blonde, blue eyed nurse taking my temperature. "Oh well hello there." she said with a warm smile. I mumbled a few words to her. "Don't worry, you'll be feeling your face in a few hours." I tried to look for a nametagbut didn't see one. I guest I was looking too low for her. "I'm an intern. My name's Jonah." I like that name. It reminds me of a desert. A scorching hot desert with no water. "You're family is waiting for you. Would you like for me to send them in?"

I quickly shook my head.

School went by quickly. People dodged me and gave me high-fives in the hallways. Meagan , the head cheerleader, even gave me her dairy. I decided today to spike up my hair up and wear a black V neck. Know I know why I avoid these. I opened up the bathroom and splashed water on my screaming neck. "I thought V necks were supposed to be comfy not itchy!" I didn't' notice how hard I was scratching until I looked in the mirror to see my hands and neck covered in a wet liquid. "Oh my god." I grabbed several paper towels and was about to clean up when I notice the long marks on my neck. They started healing right in front of my eyes. I stumbled backwards into one of the stalls. I climbed on the toilet when I heard voices near the bathroom.

"I mean can you believe her, and after everything I gave and bought for her! That bitch better give me back my Rise Against CD or her ass is mine!"

"I don't think that would fit-"

"Can it John."

"Hey it's not my fought the girl doesn't want to date the quarterback anymore. Plus I've seen her looking at Justin."

"Who the hell is that?"

"Well Brian, he's that little R tard that schooled Bru in the fine arts of 'Kicked your ass so hard yo momma felt it."

"Remind me to trash his locker."

"Yeah sure."

I walked of the stall when I heard the door close.

"Oh hey your that one guy who beat Bru." said John.

"This whip? He took out Bru?"

"Yeah, that's what I said."

"Uh do I know you guys." I said trying to play dumb.

"Yeah ya do," He push me up against the wall. "I'm the guy who's girl was about to ask out you!"

I slapped his hands away and pushed him down and tried to run out the room when John punched me in the face. "Oh you're in trouble for realz now." said Brian. They started wailing on me. Punch after punch, kick after kick, insult after insult. "Worthless trash!" said Brian kicking me in the stomach.

10 minutes after the assault

"There. That at all teach ya." They walked out of the bathroom. I slowly picked myself up. I fell back down when I felt this incredible pain all over my body. "RUNTS!" I said as I ran after them and tackled them from behind. "Want more trash?" said John. I grabbed his arm when he tried to punch me and flung him into the lockers.

"Whoa. Um hey we're all buds here there's no reason to uh wait no. No . NO ARRGHHHH!"


I awoken to a crowd of people surrounding me. I jumped up nervously. "Um I uh bird- day dreaming yeah and um skipping so uh bye." I ran off looking down never lifting my head up. I walked down the broken streets of this city turned town and ended up down town once more. I found myself at the shop I had gone into that day. That which seemed like a blur. A blur that never cleared itself up. "What happened to this place?" I asked myself.

"A terrible fire." I turned around to see a man in cargo pants and camouflaged shirt. "Uh oh hello I was just-" "It's fine. This place as been out of business sense that 1932 fire."

"Fire? I thought their was just the school?" he chuckled.

"Fire you said. No that school and this city was burned down into this small population it has today by arsonist."

"Arsonist? Why? What could they have against this place?"

"Fear. They were afraid of the monsters inside here."

"What monsters?"

"You sure ask a lot of questions." he walked a crossed the aisle and through the wall.

I had many reactions. So many that I had no idea which one to feel first. I felt scarred, paranoid, curious, and above all those feelings I felt


I began obtaining the habit of pacing in my room. I rarely did this and now it was constantly. I wondered when I would stop and just take a breathe and things would go back to the ways it was before my encounters. I walked toward my wall and bumped the secret compartment I had made myself while my parents were away one day. There I kept a journal of strange and un normal things I had wanted to remember for the rest of my life. I wondered if I had enough pages for this experience I was going through. I looked at the past things I had wrote. Many were underline to show that they were out of the ordinary schedule I always did. It changed a lot.

August 1ST, 1999

Same as usual. Nothing except Derek disappeared on me today.

August28th, 2005

Ran away from crazy dog. Fell inside smelly sewer and was attacked by underground sewer rat that was mutated and can't withstand the feel of silver.

September 6, 2005

Went to visit old school got found out by rat from sewer and was attacked. Bitten.

September 7, 2005

"No marks found next day." I read.

I looked at my desk and then at September 7th. "Marks."

I walked toward my desk. It was glass with sharp corners. There was a cloth to prevent me from scratching myself up against it on each of the edges. "This is stupid." I said out loud. "But somehow…" I took off the cloth and raised my arm up. I thought to myself, If this legend is right then I'll bleed to death. If not then… I couldn't think straight after then. All I could think was what would happened.

So I did.

I can't believe.




Oh god





ME !!!


No it can't be why? Why, no what, when? I'm!!!!!

N/A: This one was supposed to be two different chapters but they were dead ended. So I combined them (Somewhat) and got this .

The Character is having a mental break down. Un readable walls and blocked doors lead to his shocking discovery and most undesirable wish.