It All Just Happens to Be:

The natural gazes in at me
As if I were the picturesque painting,
Framed in by the worn windowsill.
But, you see world, I am utterly humbled
By your divinity.

It's kind of ironic how complex and difficult
We seem to think the world is.
However, in all reality, the world is like love;
Seemingly too complicated for us to enjoy,

But once you stop and realize where you are,
It all just happens to be.

The sun above our heads is a gleaming light bulb,
Illuminating the idea that we all can be happy.
And the earth is so captivatingly charming
That sometimes you can't even see the sidewalk.

The earth and sun, as one breathtaking splendor,
Keep me alive and happy, so that should either
Lose their glow,
I will perish as well.