New story! It's supposed to be the sequel of the sequel of The Legend of Medige, but I've already started working on this one because I'm excited about it, so here's the first chapter!

Don't expect every chapter to be this long- I just couldn't find a good place to end it so I kept going.



Chapter 1

New Years Eve

"Adalyn! Over here!"

"What's your New Years Resolution?"

I sighed and tried to squeeze my way through the swarm of reporters. I had been trying to get to my trailer for the past five minutes and had moved no more than 20 feet. I really wasn't in the mood for answering questions or posing for pictures.

"Is it true that you broke up with Justin Halliger for Jake Greenberry?"

What? "I was never dating Justin! Jake is taken by Tory Robbins- you know that. I'm single and will be for a while." Where the heck did that one come from?

"Addie!" I heard my mom call from somewhere ahead of me. She forcefully pushed through the crowd and took my hand. "You're needed for hair and makeup."

I followed her to my trailer and breathed a sigh of relief when I closed the door.

I sat down in the chair in front of the mirror while my hair stylist, Hailey, gathered everything she needed.

Hailey had just started curling my hair when the door flew open and my best friend Destiny fell into the chair next to me. It must have been as crazy for her as it was for me. Ever since we were four years old, entertaining had been our dream. Her dad had died when she was two, so my dad had basically become a second dad to her. He always encouraged us to go out and pursue our dream, and when he died of leukemia when we were seven, we decided to do it for him. We were individual stars, not a 'group', but that night we were going to perform a song we had written together. We had come a long way, and with our increased success came increased numbers of fans and paparazzi

"Those people have no mercy!" she semi-yelled, showing me a rip in her elbow-length striped gloves.

"I can fix that," Natalie, our wardrobe manager, said. Destiny took off her gloves and handed them to Natalie, who retreated to the far corner with her sewing kit.

"So are you girls ready for tonight?" my mom asked.

"Heck yeah!" Destiny shrieked, clearly excited.

"Totally," I replied more calmly.

"This is gonna be soooo awesome!" Destiny was bouncing in her chair. "We're finally going to perform on New Years Rockin' Eve… together! And we get to be onstage when the ball drops! Can this get any better?"

"Only if the reporters give us a break," I replied, trying to resist bouncing along with Destiny so I wouldn't get burned.

There was a knock on the door. Destiny bounced out of her seat, opened the door just enough to see who was on the other side, let out a squeal, and slammed the door shut.

I looked at her weirdly. "Who was that?"

"Trey and Tabitha Dawson," she breathed.

"Are you serious?!" I gasped. She remained standing there, her hand still on the closed door. "Let them in, you doofus!" I shouted.

Destiny snapped back to reality and yanked the door open. She let the twins in, apologizing repeatedly. Trey and Tabitha had been our best friends since we were in preschool and they were in third grade, and we hadn't seen them since we moved to California from Oklahoma.

"Addie! Dest!" Trey gave each of us a quick hug before getting shoved out of the way by Tabitha.

"Omigosh, I haven't seen you in forever!" Tabi squealed, squeezing the air out of me in a hug tighter than Trey's skinny jeans.

"Woah, Tabi… gotta breathe…" I choked out.

"Sorry." Her face turned red as she let go of me and moved on to Destiny.

"What are you guys doing here?" Destiny asked after she had said hi to Tabitha.

"Your mom called us," Trey explained.

"She got us VIP passes!" Tabitha added. "We wanted to be with you guys on one of the biggest nights of your life!"

"I'm so glad you guys could come," I smiled. "Who brought you?"

"We took the plane ride by ourselves. Then Mrs. Ellison picked us up from the airport and brought us here," Trey answered.

"I was wondering where she was," Destiny said. Her mom had been gone since about noon and only told us she was 'out'. "Where is she now?"

"Oh, she went to get…" Tabitha was interrupted by Mrs. Ellison entering the trailer with an armful of Styrofoam cups.

"Hot chocolate," Tabitha and Mrs. Ellison said at the same time.

"Thanks!" I said, taking a cup once Hailey had finished my hair and Bridgette had put on a very light layer of makeup. The rest of the people in the room also gratefully took a cup and told her thank you. Destiny's gloves had been returned, and she was now in the hair and makeup chair.

"Adalyn, you might want to start heading over to the stage," my mom told me. "You're on in half an hour."

"Ok, mom," I agreed. I waved to my friends, "Dest, come meet me when you're done. See you guys later!"

I opened the trailer door and stepped outside, once again temporarily blinding myself with the flashes of the dozens of cameras that were pointed my way. I closed the door behind me. There were more random questions being shouted at me by different reporters and fans. Being in a good mood, I smiled and waved at the cameras, answered some questions, and signed a few autographs. I got to the stage within five minutes- a record for me!

"Adalyn! You made it," the guy in charge of the entertainment, mr. Handel, exclaimed. "OK, so you're on in less than half an hour. You can hang out backstage if you'd like, or wander around as long as you stay within hearing range of me."

"Got it," I nodded.

"Cool. Have fun!" he smiled before walking off somewhere.

I took a look around me. There were bright lights everywhere, the big ball at the top of the pole, waiting for midnight to come. Kids were falling asleep in their parents' laps, teens were talking and laughing with their friends, and adults were watching the stage while trying to keep an eye on their kids.

My eyes stopped on one little girl, no older than six years old. She was in a stroller and was wearing a hat. There were no signs of hair under that hat, and I knew she was in the same condition my father had been in. She was staring at me with large, sparkling blue eyes. Her mother had one hand on the stroller, and her other arm was holding a baby boy.

I walked over to where she was. She and her mother looked up at me with the same bright blue eyes.

"Hi," I smiled. The mother smiled back before turning to her daughter.

"Mary, say hi to the nice girl," she told her. She had a slight accent, which I couldn't quite place.

Mary waved at me, obviously shy. "Adalyn," she almost whispered.

Her mother looked at her. "Adalyn?" The girl nodded. "Oh! Is this the Adalyn you're always talking about?" Mary nodded again, and her mom turned back to me.

"Mary absolutely loves you," she said. "She has all three of your CDs and watches all of your movies and shows."

"That's great! I'm glad to hear that you're a fan," I said to Mary. She smiled and looked away. I giggled and looked at her mom.

"She has leukemia, doesn't she?" I asked quietly. She nodded.

"Ever since she was three."

"My dad had it, too," I said sadly. "He died eight years ago, when I was seven."

She gave me a sympathetic look. "I'm sorry."

I smiled. "It's fine. He's the reason I am where I am right now- he was always encouraging me and Destiny to get out there and live our dream."

The woman smiled, then looked at her daughter and back up at me. "Mary here has been wanting to meet you for a long time," she said. "She's a huge fan." She paused. "Would you mind taking a picture with her? Or maybe giving her and autograph?"

"Not at all!" The woman took out her camera and I knelt down beside the stroller. Mary leaned her head on my shoulder, and I hugged her. Click! Mary looked up at me and smiled.

"Thank you," she said quietly.

"You're welcome," I replied, smiling at the little girl. "What do you want me to sign?"

Mary's mom looked around for something before starting to pull a small mint green t-shirt, decorated with multicolored peace signs, out of a gift bag. She looked at her daughter and pointed in the opposite direction. "Mary, look! There's Selena Gomez!"

Mary turned her head to see, and her mom pulled the shirt out the rest of the way. "This is going to be her birthday present," she whispered.

"Cool. When is it?" I asked.

"New year's day. First baby of 2001," she said proudly.

"That's so cool!" I exclaimed, writing a message and signing my name. Adalyn Hurst.

I handed the shirt back to her. "Adalyn!" Destiny called from about thirty feet away. "They need us backstage!"

"Coming!" I called to her. I turned back to Mary and her mom. "I have to go. Do you mind if I ask your name?"

"Not at all! It's Helen. Helen Roberts," she replied.

"Well, Helen, Mary, it was really nice to meet you both," I said. I bent down do Mary's level again. "And early happy birthday to you." I hugged her before heading over to the stage, waving at them over my shoulder.

"Who was that?" Destiny asked when I arrived.

"Mary," I replied.

She raised an eyebrow. "Care to elaborate?"

"She has leukemia," I explained, "and she's a big fan. I took a picture with her and signed her birthday shirt. Her birthday's tomorrow."

"Cool," Destiny said.

"Adalyn, Destiny," one of the backstage helpers called. "You're on in five!"

"We're on in five!" Destiny squealed. We let out small screams and started jumping up and down.

"Ok," I stopped jumping, but Destiny continued. "Destiny! Stop before you ruin your hair!" She stopped. Her hair had been perfectly curled, which almost never happened. Whenever she or I curled it, it flopped within the next ten minutes.

Destiny and I turned toward the stage and listened to the last line, and the music faded out. The audience cheered, and the stage was cleared of all the extra equipment before our stuff was brought out.

My heart started beating faster, and I got a weird feeling in my stomach. I looked over at Destiny and could tell that she was feeling the same.

"Take a deep breath and relax," a voice behind us instructed. I jumped, and we both turned to see Jake Greenberry standing behind us, smiling. "You'll do great."

I smiled. "Thanks."

"Go get 'em!" He called as she walked away.

"We can do this," Destiny said, letting out a breath and closing her eyes for a second.

"This is for you, daddy," I whispered, looking up.

Destiny and I took our places by the entrance to the stage and waited for the music to start. Soon, the familiar tune filled my ears, and Destiny slowly walked on stage. The audience erupted into cheers, and she looked at them, smiling.

"I'll be your shoulder to cry on

I'll be there for you through it all

And when you feel you can't go on

All you need to do is call

(Call on me)"

I got ready to make my entrance as Destiny began the chorus.

"I'll be there for you

Till the end of time

When you need me just call

And I will come runnin'

I'll stay by your side

Through good times and bad

I'll be there for you"

That was my cue to join Destiny on stage. When I appeared next to my best friend, the crowd roared once again. Destiny and I hugged quickly, and the audience started quieting down as I began to sing.

"I'll comfort you when you're down

I'll be there for you through it all

And when you need someone to be there for you

All you need to do is call

(Call on me)"

Destiny and I sang the chorus together.

"I'll be there for you
Till the end of time

When you need me just call

And I will come runnin'

I'll stay by your side

Through good times and bad

I'll be there for you"

We blended two parts together before concluding the song.

"I'll be your shoulder to cry on (I'll be there for you)

I'll comfort you when you're down (Till the end of time)

I'll be there for you (I'll stay by your side)

Through it all

I'll be there for you"

There was a short instrumental break before we finished.

"Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh


There for you"

We took our bows and waved to the crowd before I ran offstage. Destiny was going to perform solo, and I would after her.

"Great job, Adalyn," Mr. Handel commented, holding his hand up. I gave him a high-five. "You've got a five minute break. Go get a drink, go to the bathroom, whatever you need to do, but make sure you're back here in time!"

"Sure thing!" I replied before skipping off to the small snack table they had set up for the performers. I let my eyes scan over the many different foods on the table before reaching for a mini quiche. I had a couple more before filling a Styrofoam cup with hot chocolate and walking to a spot where I could watch the rest of Destiny's performance.

Watching her, I looked back to where we had been two years ago. We were both writing songs, learning piano, keyboard, and drums, and looking for chances to audition for shows and concerts and whatnot. Success had found us when we performed at Tabitha and Trey's sweet sixteen, where a neighbor who happened to be the president of a record label heard us and gave us his card. We each recorded a song, which both became popular around our town and soon spread throughout the county, the state, and then the country. Kids all throughout America loved us, and soon their families became interested in our music as well. We started doing regular concerts and were currently thinking about doing a tour.

I was snapped back into reality when Destiny's song ended and she ran toward me. "Good luck," she whispered, running past me to the bathroom. I shook my head and giggled. After every one of her performances, she had to go really bad, whether she had had a lot to drink or not. This time it was probably the hot chocolate.

I looked up at the stage, where my equipment was being set up. Within a minute, it was ready and I walked to my microphone. The music started and I opened my mouth and began singing my heart out.

"Ten! Nine! Eight!..." I was standing on the stage next to Destiny, waiting for the new year to come.

"Seven! Six!" I glanced at Destiny and gave her a smile, which she returned.

"Five! Four! Three!" My eyes wandered through the crowd before landing on the bright ball in the pole.

"Two! One! Happy new year!" everyone shouted.

Destiny squealed and we hugged. I got hugs from the other entertainers on stage, and then I motioned to the announcer to hand me the microphone. He handed it over, and above the crowd's screams, I said, "Happy Birthday, Mary!" I looked around for her and saw that she and her mom had made their way to the area right in front of the stage. I sat down on the edge of the stage, and Helen helped Mary out of the stroller and placed the baby in the back seat. I bent down to give Mary a hug. She was smiling bigger than I'd ever seen anyone smile.

"Happy birthday," I repeated, not using the microphone this time.

"Thank you," she said shyly. "Happy new year." She pulled away from me, still smiling. I waved to Helen and blew a kiss to the baby before Helen announced that they had to leave. Before they left, she turned around and mouthed "thank you" to me.

"No problem," I mouthed back. "Happy new year!" I called. I handed the microphone back to Steve. I followed the others backstage, where my mom was waiting. Destiny and I exchanged hugs and 'happy new year's with our moms, Tabitha, and Trey. We hung around for another hour or two before heading back to the trailer.

"We're going to drive Tabitha and Trey over to their hotel," my mom told me, referring to herself and Destiny's mom.

"Ok," I replied.

"We'll be back within an hour," she said. "You and Destiny have fun!"

"Ok," I repeated.

"Wait, Mom!" Destiny called. Mrs. Ellison turned around, waiting for her daughter to continue. "I'm getting cold and I left my jacket in the car."

"What jacket?" her mom asked, confused.

"The brown leather one…" Destiny said in a slightly 'duh' tone.

"Oh, that was yours?" Mrs. Ellison asked, laughing nervously. "I found it in the parking lot. It must have fallen out of the car. I turned it in to the lost and found at the hotel when I dropped off the twins' luggage."

"Mom!" Destiny groaned, rolling her eyes. "You remember what it looks like, right?"

"Kind of… yeah! Of course I do!"

"You're lying," Destiny stated. She sighed. "I guess I'm coming with you, then."

"Are you coming too, Addie?" my mom asked.

I shook my head. "I think I'm going to get ready for bed and get some sleep," I said, looking over at my bed.

"Ok," my mom said. "Natalie's still here if you need anything."

"Alright. Bye," I waved them off, closed the door, and got ready for bed. I fell asleep about ten seconds after my head hit the pillow.


I woke up to a loud crash not too far from the trailer. I glanced at the digital wall clock. It read "2:43 AM". I sat up and looked around the trailer. Nobody was there except Natalie, who had fallen asleep with her sewing in her lap. I realized that Tabitha's purse was still sitting on the counter. I slid my feet into my slippers and walked quietly to one of the windows. I heard shouts but couldn't see much in the direction they were coming from. I looked at Natalie again, debating waking her up. I decided against it and silently opened the door, stepped out, and shut it again, making sure to lock it and take my key with me. I squinted into the darkness and could faintly make out the shapes of stopped cars and people gathered around one area. I swiftly jogged over to the site and joined the crowd. An ambulance was trying to get through the crowd. A news van had pulled up, and men were getting out of it. I carefully pushed my way through the people at the back of the crowd and wandered over to a spot where I could see what was happening.

I stood on my tiptoes, but couldn't see. I climbed onto a low brick wall which gave me a clear view. My eyes had adjusted to the darkness, and lights had begun to turn on, allowing me to see a rolled-over car I the middle of the street. I sat there, staring for a few seconds before realization hit me. That was my mom's car!


I hope you like it so far!