First ever story on fictionpress. Don't kill me. I'm new. Wrote this last year. Partly dedicated to my classmates who dealt with a teacher somewhat like on in this story so…wish me luck…

Challenging 7th grade


Why should I care if I'm in seventh grade and don't have a cell like all my friends? Why should I care if I'm in a homeroom where the teacher cares more for the girls than the guys and me? Why should I care if I get a detention twice every week? Why? I should care after my friend took it too far.

I'm smooth, charming, and handsome-or at least I like to think. My blond hair sags over my forehead and is tucked behind my ears. My eyes are a glittering blue, and my mother says they're like stars in a dark world. With light skin and a good build to match my hair and eyes I'm a model, at least I pretend to be.

My school life is hard. From homeroom to study hall, I'm a supposed mess declared by the teachers. Sure, I play around and knock stuff over every now and then. Sure, I hit the fire alarm last week. Sure, I get sent to the office every other class. I guess I'm some trouble.

My friends don't think so. Jacob gets in trouble more than I do but we share our evil homeroom. Samuel, the best of our lot, is good to the core-so it seems-with not a detention in his life. Peter and Cole are inseparable. I'm the middle man, the leader at times but mostly laid back beside my man Jacob till it happened.

I should've started there, rather than my life story, but now you know my life, my looks and my friends. I guess the least you could know now would be my name. My name, to match my features, is James Mile but people call me Jimmy.