Chapter 9

This was the part of the day I enjoyed the most. Mr. Arrow was yelling at the class as usual. Not me though. I was peacefully in the classroom of the sweet Ms. Ox. I was lucky for this transfer!

Ms. Ox was happily walking around the class, checking on the students' short stories. I, again, was kind of lost. Samuel was working hard though. Samuel told me about his story. It was about a young boy, tall, blond and tough, having trouble in school. That was all Samuel told me before he started chuckling.

I had a blank page in front of me. Flashing in my head were words, sayings of stories, and sayings of famous people. "Rebellion to tyranny is obedience to God," a saying by Benjamin Franklin. It echoed as I remembered other stories and sayings. Again, the story "The Outsides" echoed in my head. Other stories sided it. "A cat ate my gym suit." "This side of paradise." "The boy who owned the school." Finally, Ms. Ox was standing over me. I looked up, frowning.

"Something wrong, James?" she asked.

"What am I supposed to do?" I asked. She looked at me sweetly.

"Write," she answered.

"About what?" I questioned.

"Why not about the fire and….Jacob and you friends," she offered.

I smiled, an idea curling in my head quietly as the line "The greatest power a person can possess is the power to choose" faded. She walked off to help Samuel like he was a king. I stood up and sharpened my pencil. It took almost forever with such a poor sharpener. I went back to my seat. I looked out at the class. Everyone working hard and fast. I was about to join the race.

With my pencil on the paper, I thought. How would I start such a paper? Then it hit me. Did it hit you?

"Why should I care, if I'm in seventh grade and…"