how i long for those endless roads to a second home,
seeing the world from sleepy half-lidded eyes
the heaviness of summer heat thick on my skin
faded by the time i pull my bags from the trunk
and sigh in relief, my bare feet making soft
sounds on the still-warm asphalt in the midnight quiet.
waking to sweet ache of sunburn, sweeter weight of homebaked
pastry on my tongue
my bare feet just-so touching the cool linoleum from my height on the chair
my blond cousin soft from sleep, sitting, in a clumsy position not unlike
slouching, next to me.
days blurring like good dreams ending too quickly
almost afraid to be.

leaving a warm bed curling up with my grandmother
in favor of cold floors and clothes i wore the day before, still
smelling of beach and sunscreen –
the sound of the tires rolling over the road peaceful
as my eyes fought to stay open.
finally, my hands touch sand as i bend to savor
the fine white feeling
the wind in my hair as i watched the sun rise,
wild waves breaking
the grace and strength of the sea,
pale streaks across the night-abandoned sky,
the hiss and rumble of mother ocean.
the scent of ocean and salt and sunrises and
beauty, sweet in my lungs
oh, i want to return.
can't i return?