fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck

I can't write,
I can't read.

and its all be(cause) of you.
you're killing me. tell me what you are!
I can't stand it anymore!

I don't care if we are not(thing)
I just want to k(now).

its been, 2 weeks (14 days), maybe.
I lied. [I haven't really been counting…]
and I still don't know, what you feel when you hear my name.
(does. it. make. your. toes. curl?)

I've been fantastically lost, and
fantastically alone, for 2 weeks. maybe.

I have:
(written you poetry for fucks sake!).

I. can. do. nothing. else.
II. (my hands are empty)
III. I hate that I feel alone!
IV. /please call please call please call/

(fucking matt didn't make me want you any less.
I hate you for that)