Who Are You at the Other Side of the Mirror

By Maria Gracia.

Who are you?

Who's at the other side of the mirror?

Hard and cold eyes; filled with pain and despair.

Who are you?

Where do you come from?

You appear in front of me as an illusion.

A totally different person in my body.

I'm hypnotized,

mind and body in trance.

Who are you?

Tell me who you really are?

I don't know you. At least I don't think I do.

Give me a reason.

Why the sad eyes?

Are you the future alerting me?

Are you the past?

The present?

My true feeling coming out at last,

Ignoring the fact that I don't want to see them.

Who are you?

You refuse to smile at the other side of the mirror.

For a moment, it feels as if we are two and not one.

Is it true?

Come close. Give me a reason.

Can I avoid it?

The sad red eyes?

Who are you?

Why did you choose this moment? This time?

Why today?

Do you mean something?

Or are you my subconscious playing tricks on my mind.

I want to know who you are.

Let's talk,

Two halves of the same being; body and mind.

Toilettes conversation,

They will not be buried in my memories.

My reflection in the water, in the bathroom mirror won't allow me to.

Who are you?

Am I you?

Or are you me?

Who are you?

A million questions with no answers terrorize my thoughts.

I close my eyes for a minute, for an instant and when I'm back you're gone.

Who are you?

Where have you been?

Two halves become one.