As I sit I am lost for words
I fail to grasp the right adjectives
With so many thoughts to convey
I cannot find the right one for you

Still I try through this fog
To tell the blind world exactly how
You swept me away under your arm
And helped me to understand

Maybe the gap that searches for content
The void within those empty dreams
Was misunderstood in its quest
And can take a substitute for closure

Perhaps the search was never distinct
And you were all that was needed
To love and to be loved in return
The deepest desire of all humanity?

The true romantics are never complete
Until they in turn find their garden
Birds of a feather can nest here
United in a common desire

And you, after all of this
You who I did not believe had such wings
I can feel you gaining height beside me
Preparing to depart from this need

And this time I feel like we are joined
Like we fly through this sunset together
You hold me up with silver wings
And take me to new heights.