Fairytales twinkle in your eyes. Your sweetness allures me too you-that I promise, I'll never leave. Your innocence sings me to sleep; I look in awe, as you read those fairytales.
You count the stars, as your eyes droop with sleep. Small hands, that reach to catch those stars, and I can't help but hold you. Don't worry; I'm strong enough to hold you. I won't drop you.
I see you cry in your dreams, as the dark spirits whisper you terrible things. You cry out, and shiver in your blankets. Hush, my child, I have your light.
I look at your peaceful face, eyes wide with wonder, and all I can do is look with awe-such a familiar face who haunts me. A long time memory burns my eyes, and I blink away the tears. I whisper promises in your ear, in the sweet voice that I know comforts you. The smile on your face settles my heart, but I grimace at the forsaken shadow.
Yet, fear not little one, for I will be there, and I will guide your steps through the treacherous forest. I will teach your how to heal the burning pain, how to fight for the sunrise, and how to sleep under to moon. Soft music of love will fulfill your mind under the darkest times, so you know I am there with you. This promise love, will be my ever lasting gift.