Take a look at me

The stars were bright gleaming beacons that filled my eyes, or perhaps that was due to the telescope. The evening wind made our teeth chatter, even with our heavy coats and soft blankets, the astronomy test was hard to focus upon. Around me, people scratched with fury across their papers, all the will to record the universe. My fingers were long, slender and pale against the moonlight; I admired them as I worked.

"The planet Uranus is white-ish, blue-ish, purple-ish and colourful-ish. This shows
that my exam is going to result in a failing grade."

The two sentences glowed proudly in the dim light. Chucking my pen in the direction of the teacher, I declared my test, finished. Leaning back against the grass, I gazed upon the dark heavens. Five minutes down, fifty-five to go.

Something blue and shiny catches my attention, it's the sapphire earring upon a blonde girl's earlobe, reaching up I finger my identical match.

-x x-

Summer teases the air, the grass is soft under our jackets and easy laughter goes with the setting sun. Karly is saying something, it's either 'my mother was in the shower' or 'hippopotamus up a tower', and it's the same thing really.

Everyone laughs and she clings to me for approval. I kiss her absently on the cheek.

My eyes wander towards the other side of the football field. The boy is too far away for me to identify, his body moves fluidly. He kicks a soccer ball into the air, doing tricks. He's not at all any good. Karly tugs at my arm just as the boy rockets the ball and it lands on his face. It makes me laugh...only a little.

"Jaiden? Mate, what the hell?" I tune back into the conversation. Karly's asking a question, she has the 'I-have-a-question'face on. I nod and say yes, yes is 'always' safer than no.

She giggles with delight and replaces my earring with the sapphire match to her own. I put on a smile and kiss her again, all my mates howl and cheer.

-x x-

The stars don't move, no matter how hard Mr Whatever says they do, they don't. They are strong, solitary and bold in the night sky. The little star in Karly's ear shimmers each time she tugs at her locks. She notices my gaze, scuffs and turns away. She must have forgotten to remove the earpiece.

-x x-

I enter the cafeteria, all eyes turn to me and I smile. I'm used to it, they love me, I'm the Golden Boy. The one they all dream of becoming.

I notice a few moments after, the stares are too focussed, too hostile. What is going on?

I look to my friends, the 'cool' kids. They turn and head out the door. What is going on?

"You...you...can sit with us," the timid girl stutters, adjusting her glasses.

"Ew no." I roll my eyes.

If I had known what was coming. Perhaps I would have grasped at her, begged her to befriend me, pleaded to be saved from the impending disaster, but I didn't know. At the time, she was just an insignificant nerd to me.

-x x-

The girl who invited me to sit with her is completely absorbed in her paper. She writes frantically and coughs every now and then. Beside her, the man contrasts completely, he's relaxed and like me, doing absolutely nothing.

My breath catches and my vision blurs. Atop a scratchy lawn, amongst these twenty seven people, I am overwhelmed. Then I remember who I am, who I was and suck it up. Just because a King has been dethroned, doesn't make him any less royal.

-x x-

"Look! Check if you like!" I'm screaming, I don't remember the last time I screamed like this.

"I'm just saying, rumours are spreading. Cool it bro." Brandon smirks superiorly at me.

Brandon, who drove around town chucking pebbles at pedestrians. Brandon, who bailed me out of jail. Brandon, who saved me from my mother. Brandon, who smirks superiorly at his best friend.

My throat is tight, my tongue is dry and Brandon does not believe me. Why does he not believe me?

"Check! Just check alright?" I shove my bag into his arms and he tips it over.

He tips it over and 'it' is there.

-x x-

I realise I've been clutching my paper. It's wrinkled and creased; my two sentences appear less perfect and brave. They seem silly, like the desperate cries of a hurt child.

I am lost, confused and there is no one who remembers the hero that failed, no one willing to help the loser.

I am lost, confused and nothing is what it seems. If I said the sky is green, the grass is blue, no one would believe me. If all the scientists reported the sky is green, the grass is blue, and then would it be true? Despite what we see when we look up, when we gaze down?

I didn't do it. I didn't.

-x x-

I pick up the make-up. It's the girl's bathroom but I don't give a damn anymore.

'It's not mine!'I had yelled and not even my friends, my 'family' had stayed for me.

I pick up the eyeliner. It's like doing a hard maths equation. Hold pen at a 45o angle from eye, slide parallel to upper lid and then promptly stab yourself in the face.

So there I was, crying with eyeliner dripping down one cheek when a group of netballers come in and survey the scene.

I turn calmly back to applying the make-up; I've never hated the face in the mirror before.

Yet, I did then.

-x x-

"It's a discovery!" Mr Whatever is bellowing cheerfully.

I don't believe a word of it. Everything has been found, the world is a small place and explorers cry because there is just no new land to conquer. Everything is just a truth, a fact, waiting to be discovered. Some of those truths, facts are not correct but in time, who can tell?

My gaze land on another set of eyes, they are black as the night around us. There is no doubt that he is looking at me, no doubt that he is searching me and no doubt that he is crying.

He mouths the phrase 'I'm sorry, I'm sorry' over and over.

I can't take my eyes away, in this field of twenty-seven, no one notices the two boys staring into each other's eyes, telling the truth without a single sound.

Only when a drop falls upon my hand do I realise I'm crying too. I can't stop staring into those green lamps. Conceivably don't wish to look away.

He mouths a different phrase now, not frantically, but purposeful and strong.

"I love you," he says.

I turn away.


This was written in 60 minutes, for an English competition done in school. So, I apologise for the disjointed and confusingness...of it all. If you really didn't get it much, it's about the ex-Golden Boy of the school and him trying to cope with his new social status. Lastly finding out about who 'framed' him in the rumour.

I actually got a horrible grade for it (B-) I was really infuriated actually, they apparently claimed that I hadn't 'responded' correctly to the stimulus (which was discovery) I agree it's not a masterpiece and that it does lack flow but I feel a little stunted actually.

Personally, I thought this was the best narrative I've written in school 'ever'. It isn't like a gorgeous piece or anything but it was planned, written and edited in an hour. I've typed it out, word for word and posted it to you guys. I confess I did one skim and edited the really obvious mistakes, but this is basically what was on my test.

So, if you read this story to the end. Won't you please spare a minute of your time and actually, yes, I'm asking you to actually 'grade' this story for me. xDDD If you give me a D, fair enough, but I just wanted to get another opinion. X33 I really feel like I've let myself done this time because of this crappy grade. But, I do hope all of you who read this did slightly enjoy it.