Bangles, and curls, and sparkling eyes—

she let the whole world know that she was alive.

Dancing and swirling in a beautiful dream.

Everyone saw how ravishingly she glowed.

She did glow.

How she glowed!

Now she glows

inside her home.

He was a lover of vice and despair.

He traveled the whole world and soon he claimed

that she would be his no matter the cost.

The price was named, but in turn only she would pay.

The moon was high when she found herself cold

and alone in the strangest of drearier parts.

She was alone.

Completely unknown.

Locked away—

it was what she paid.

Terrible dream, terrible scream.

Locked up inside a room without a key.

She wanted to let them know she was still there,

so she knocked over candles, set the room ablaze.

She razed the whole house with fire that day.

Family and servants still trapped inside—

doubtful that they'll be getting out alive.

In her darkest hour, she was on fire.

Madness in mind—

a hideous crime.

Blame it on bad blood,

but I blame it on love.