The sounds of tapping pencils

Shuffling papers, and closing books

Engulf the room being stripped

Of posters and old projects.

Down a flight of stairs

And off of Main Street is the

Extravagant sound of metal lockers

Being emptied for the summer months.

Laughter and the talk of

Summer plans come from the mouths

Of eager teenagers, glad that

Finals are finally done and over with.

In another part of the building

Retiring teachers are reliving past

Experiences and already missing those

Students they care for so much.

When all of the students have

Finally left, already starting on

Their much-anticipated plans. Only

The voices of teachers are left.

Teachers are either talking to

One another or placing last

Minute grades in the computer.

One looking out a window one last time.

Eventually, every last teacher has

Made the journey home to precious

Loved one's and old friends leaving

Custodians in the building.

Once every single person has

Left the school. All that's

Really left is a daunting

Building that is quietly waiting.

That building is waiting for

Summer school students and

Teachers to occupy its classes,

Not wanting to be so lonely.

This is the building that

Middle schoolers come to

Before they leave for the outside world.

This is Concord High School.