Hey guys,

I have bad news and good news. I'll start with the bad, and that is that I am not going to be continuing this story on this site. I'm mega sorry about this but those of you that read 'My Favourite Mistake' will probably understand because I'm absolutely terrible at updating and I know that a lot of you must think that I've died or something because I'm that bad. I'm not going to take down my account or my stories, because I might pick it up if I miss the site. So you might not want to take me off alert just yet ;)

And the good news? As I have said in a previous AN, this is actually an all human Twilight fanfiction, so the first 48 chapters are actually currently posted on my fanfiction account, which there is a link to on my profile. So if you fancy a big read, you can check it out over there and change the names in your head or something. It's a little different, but the main storyline won't have changed at all.

However, if you are a Twilight hater (and I know there are some out there, even if I fail to believe it XD), I have found a new website called inkpop where I will be posting this version. The first five chapters are up currently, but I will be posting more soon. I would totally recommend this site for all you wannabe writers because the top five rated stories of the week (or it might be month. I'm not totally sure) get read by proper publishers and if you're good enough you can get published. So if you want to have a shot at being published, then you might wanna check that site out. It's got some amazing stories on there as well- some very good reads that really should be published. The link to that is also on my profile.

Also, I have actually started a new story (that has nothing to do with Twilight and is not a fanfic in any way or form, you may be relieved to hear) but I am unsure as to where I'm going to post it yet. It might be on here, or on inkpop or maybe nowhere at all. If I post it here and you have me on alert, it would mean a lot if you'd check it out.

So I'm am really super sorry about not posting this here anymore but have no fear this does not mean the end of Danny and Kat. On both other sites, it is named 'The Hard Way To Learn A Lesson'. If you read it, please leave me a review or a comment telling me that you're from fictionpress :) I promise that I will be grateful forever.

Thank you so much for the support and numerous reviews- your comments have really given me the confidence to get to writing my own characters ;)

Thanks again