Chapter 1

Adriaan Spencer. The name sends millions of thoughts through my head.

Every school has a Adriaan Spencer. You know, that kid that has the weird backpack, always talking or singing quietly to him/herself, carrying around weird things in school and/or always rolled into a ball in the quad reading or writing. You know, the kid that had a different hair color every time you see them, the kid that stares at walls.

Everyone has an Adriaan Spencer. Every school's Adriaan comes in different shapes and sizes. Our Adriaan is a tall boy who has a pixie looking face, skinny, either smiling at nothing or had a blank face, says hi to people he doesn't know. Not too chatty and has a staring problem that has gotten him in trouble a couple of times.

I am telling you this because Adriaan Spencer is lying next to me in my bed, naked. I can not remember anything but I am going to guess that we had sex with the smell in the air and the condom that is still on me. Yes. I sexed up the crazy guy. I am going to hell.

I tensed as he started to wake up, moving like a fish out of water for a moment before he stilled. Adriaan suddenly shot up in a sitting position, the sheet that was covering him was kicked to his feet leaving him completely naked. He didn't seem to mind though since he was to busy looking around my room with a curious glaze.

Soon his eyes dashed up me causing me to shiver with the 'I just got checked out by Adriaan Spencer' shiver. His eyes met mine, showing his dark gold and green eyes. He looked confused then a smile came to his face as he looked over me again.

"Hello," He purred to me.

"Hi," I gulped out, glancing around me look for something else to cover my body with. He moved closer to me, sliding up into my lap dragging the blanket in my lap to bunch up between us. I leaned away from him when he bent down to kiss me. He smiled and looked down at my chest then back up at me. I thought he was going to say something but he just slid off me to the ground to gather his clothing. His skinny body moved with a grace that I had never seen on a guy.

Adriaan crawled around grabbing random clothing on the ground, not even looking if it was his or not. He didn't seem to care. He got up to his feet, a bundle of clothing in his arms. He turned to face me as he put his underwear on, showing his half hard dick to me. He smiled and leaned down and grabbed a pair of my pants. We are not the same size but he managed to keep my pants from falling down with a belt that I am assuming is his because it was zebra print.

Weirdo Adriaan Spencer is in my room, stealing my clothes and acting like we didn't just have sex last night. Or maybe he was acting this way because we did have sex last night.

Maybe he was going to use this one night stand to make me his slave. OR he was just going to tell everyone. Who would believe him though? Who? I can't let people know about this.

"Don't worry," he said a sly smile on his face as he pulled a shirt on, "your dirty little secret is safe with me."

He tipped an imagery hat to me then left in a rush.

What just happened?

Can Adriaan read minds?

My best friend Joe helped me clean up the aftermath of the party as per usual. He normally was the one that convinced me to throw the party so he always felt like he should be the one to help clean up. We sat on the couch, my head still pounding from the drinks last night and his head was probably not doing any better. He made matted worse by complaining and telling me over and over again that he was never going to drink again.

"Bro," he whined for what felt like the hundredth time, "I am never going to drink again."

The living room was quiet after that. There were still a few cups laying around but we had gotten most of it off the floor. The carpet cleaners were going to be here in maybe four hours so we had until then to get everything cleaned up.

"You keep saying that," I said my eyes feeling dry.

He took a deep breath and fell backwards so he was laying on the couch. For such a big guy, Joe could not hold his liquor which I always thought was the funniest thing. He lifted his legs and placed them not so lightly on top of mine. I ignored them and leaned back against the cough looking up at the ceiling.

"Did you get lucky last night?" he suddenly asked, his eyes closed.

"No," I said suddenly a flashback of last night came jolting through my head, Adriaan was lying under me, clawing my shoulders begging me to go faster.

"Just thought I saw someone leaving early this morning," Joe said, shrugging it off.

"Though you probably wouldn't remember anyway but you got crazy drunk after the She-witch, aka Heather, came through the door with that freshman that she cheated on you with," Joe told me laughing a little as if he was remember. I don't really remember much about after Heather came through the door. I don't even know when I managed to get up stairs, much less fuck Adriaan Spencer.

I closed my eyes and sighed.

When I walked into school on Monday I wasn't surprised to find out that everyone was still talking about my party. It was the first real party of the year plus I am pretty well liked in my school. I try to get my hands in at least five huge projects a year and play on the football team. I am kind of popular. I don't let it get to me though.

Joe is the more popular one of us. Super friendly guy, he is the one that hosts the parties and actually gets me to do stuff other than homework and sports.

"I got to pee," I said moving towards the bathrooms, slapping Joe on the back as a goodbye when he moved past me to get to our group of friends. I walked into the bathroom, heading straight for the 3rd urinal. It is weird OCD thing that I do every time I am in a public bathroom, use the 3rd one. I got right to business in going pee. I stared at the wall as I emptied myself into the urinal. I gave a soft sigh and leaned my head back. Nothing more relaxing than relieving yourself after drinking at least a gallon of water this morning.

I heard a stall door behind me open so I straightened my body up as the person walked out. There was a soft pad of footsteps behind me as the guy moved out of the stall, it sounded like he had no shoes on.

"Need any help?" a purr came from behind me. I tensed when I felt Adriaan lay a flat hand on my lower back. I noticed I was done so I shook myself and hurried up and zipped myself back up.

"Nope," I said flushing, hurrying over to the sinks forcing his hand off my back, "all done here!"

Right as I turned the water on, his body slide up next to mine. I looked in the mirror and there he was, in his normal Adriaan ways, staring at me through the mirror as I stared at him.

"Do you want to do a quickie before class starts?" he started putting his hand under the water and lightly touched my hand with his.

"No thank you," I choked out looking down at our hands and quickly pulled mine back.

"I don't even remember what happened so lets just forget about it," I walked over to where the hand driers were and turned one on.

"I can't," he said appearing behind me.

"Try," I said moving away from him going towards the door. I stopped before I could reach the door, turning around, jumping when I was suddenly face to face with Adriaan. I didn't even hear him sneak up behind me.

"Where are your shoes?" I asked looking down to his feet.

"Wouldn't you like to know," he smiled running a hand down my arm before walking around me, leaving me alone in the bathroom.

Adriaan is crazy.