Seashell Symphony
The stars are whispering in my ears
As the white clouds dry my tears
I'll take the moon's sleeping pill
Take my golden memories
Maybe then I'll be at ease
Until the sun sets on my windowsill

A diamond sits on my eyelash
As I don my purple sash
And ready me to face the day
The planets hold me in their arms
They've turned off the house alarms
Bid good-bye as I head my way

I wish you were here with me
Then you could see what I see
As the waves crash on the shore
But when the sky gets lighter
I know the sun shines brighter
And you won't be mine anymore

When I swim through the air
With the starfish everywhere
Maybe then I'll feel alive once more
A symphony of bubbles fill the space
Salty water adorns my face
I lost the key to the seashell door